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Today we have gone to Ripley castle and have had a tour around the castle. In the shop we all had to buy a postcard to send to our family.  We have just finished the amazing night walk.  Now just about to go to bed.    


This morning we arrived at school at 8:00 and we got on the bus at 8:30. The journey to Ripley took about 2 hours. We got off the bus to go to Ripley castle. Carol, Showed us around Ripley castle. After we went back to the bus and had our lunch. Then we went to Cober hill to find out who we were with. I’m with Anya. Then we got changed for tea. For starter we had leek and potato soup, for our main meal we had Sheppard pie and for dessert we had rice pudding. Today was really fun.     



We have had a spectacular day at Cloughton! Firstly, we set of for Ripley Castle and we had a tiring journey but we soon arrived. It was very exciting finding out about the history of the house, the beautiful garden scenes! Once we had our lunch and bought our postcards, we travelled to Cober Hill. The tea was delicious plus, our table was the quietest! Everyone was full after the meal! Next, we got dressed to go back out for the night walk. We navigated where the North star was (with the help of Mr. Lile)              


I have enjoyed the time at Ripley Castle. I liked the tour that Pat gave us it was really interesting. Before we got here I got butterflies of who I am with in the room. I am with Charlotte and Chloe.



Charlotte T

We have all arrived safely at Cloughton and on the way here we stopped at Ripley Castle. At Ripley Castle we had a look round the grounds and a tour guide, Pat showed us around the castle we looked at loads of interesting things. It was really fun! I loved it, I hope we have a good day tomorrow as well.


Katie M

Luckily we have all arrived safely to cloughton! On the way, after around 2 hours, we stopped at Ripley castle. We had a tour  around Ripley Castle laded by our tour guide called Pat! Pat showed us around the building, and we saw many interesting things. I am really looking forward to tomorrow!


Oliver G:

So far we have gone to Riply Castel I found it very interesting going around the house and finding the food delightful. So far it has been fine in are rooms. I have missed my family a lot but it has been O.K!!!


Tuesday 24th March


Today we had our first breakfast at Cloughton, it was very nice. Then we went to Robin Hoods Bay. First we went rock pooling, that was so fun. Secondly we went in to the old lifeguard station and did a quiz. Then we went on a really long walk around the village. I really enjoyed today.


Oliver M

Me, Connor and Oscar woke up and got our room ready, it was hard work! The breakfast was so delicious (I couldn’t finish it).When we all finished we set off to Robin Hoods Bay. First we went to the old coastguard museum where  we learnt about the sea and the tides. We then did a tour of the town and then did some rock pooling. I worked with William and we found lots of things. We even found the shell of a dead  crab and a load of hermit crabs which I held. We have just had tea it was tomato soup, chicken pie, and peach crumble.


Katie B

Today was the first breakfast at Cloughton! It was so delicious we had coco pops, a cooked breakfast and then we had toast. After that we went to Robin Hoods bay and the old coast guards station. We found out loads of information! Then we went out to do rock pooling. Then we came back and had tea. We had tomato and pea soup, chicken pie then peach crumble. My favourite part of the day was the food because it is soooo good.


Molly Sawyer

This morning I have had my first ever breakfast at Cloughton, it was yummy! My best bit so far was going to Ripley castle because it was sooooo amazing. There was a glistening waterfall, it looked like it was going up instead of down which was kind of weird! We went to Robin Hoods bay, we had lots of fun and I went rock pooling. I caught 5 different sea snails. One snail was quite gruesome. The snail spits on the shell of a sea animal and makes a hole then drinks the animal, YUCK! Then we went to the old coastguard museum which was epic. I got a gift for me and my family, it was a “make your own crystal.”  I bet me and my mum will have fun with it. I’m going to give my mum, step dad and sister some crystals. Yesterday I went on a dark cold nightwalk. We shouted “WE ARE CHUTER EEEEEDDDE!!!” We saw some lights flashing at us we signalled S.O.S . Watch out, there will be more adventures to come....


Evie H

Today was our first breakfast at Cober Hill, it was delicious! We had cereal which was coco pops then we had a cooked breakfast and lastly we had some toast.

I was very excited for the day’s activities because we went rock pooling at Robin Hood’s bay and visited the old coastguard’s station. We learnt a lot about the coastguard’s responsibility as a coastguard. After our trip to Robin Hood’s bay our legs we’re super achy because we had to walk up so many hills and stairs.

For tea we had tomato and butterbean soup for starters then for main we had chicken pie and then for dessert we had peach crumble.

I am super excited for tomorrow!



Today we had a perfect breakfast. First we had coco pops then we had a cooked breakfast that had eggs, sausages and beans then we travelled to Robin Hoods bay. We did three activities, rock pooling, a tour round the village and then we looked at the coast guard place where they told us about about what happened in the olden days and then we went home.






When we went on the walk I and Zack took photos and videos.


Lucas R-H

26/3/15     Thursday Evening.

Today we went to Dalby Forest, we were split into groups. One of the groups went up into the forest; the other groups went into the stream and did a survey. I’m really looking forward to Eden Camp tomorrow.

25th March 2015


This morning we had Tomato and Bacon with our breakfast, it was delicious!

Next we went to Whitby Museum and saw lots of interesting things like Dinosaur bones and Ammonites. Last of all we walked a 3 mile walk from Goathland to Grosmont. In the middle we had the Polo challenge...mine snapped! So me, Molly Smith and Katie Hall had a Tic-Tac challenge to practice. It has been a long day! Dinner was lovely. I hope it will be even better tomorrow!


26 march  



We went to dalby forest and we saw a frog and we did a picture with the nature and then we went in the river then we went to the coach and we go back to Cober Hill and got change to go for dinner   and the dinner was very good and now we are doing the  talent show and after we are doing the star of the day  then go to bed. Then we have lot of people doing the talent show.

We are going to love the talent show going to bed in a 24 min till bed time.


On Thursday we went to dalby forest and went into the stream and did lots of test. We also went for a long nature walk up hill, and was really lucky we missed the rain .At tea we had tomato soup ,then fish chips and peas and orange sponge for desert. Now we are about to watch the talent show.


Lucy Eagles                26.03.15

We set of this morning after a beautiful breakfast at Cober hill   . Then Mr Liles group and some of Mr Heads group went on the mini bus with Mr Lile driving   .we arrived at Dolby forest and went and stood with our group leaders   . Mr Lile , Mr head  , Mrs cross and Mrs Wilsons group went  and did the stream survey first  , of course people had short weillies  .After that we went and had lunch but then it started raining so we then quickly rushed on the mini bus. After   that we went on a very long walk and it was muddy   . When   we got back we change into are smart clothes and headed down to are very last evening meal.

It is our   last day tomorrow and we will head to Eden camp then after a fun and exciting   day there we will head home to a most loved mums and dads.

How are we feeling before we go to Cloughton?


Below are some of the children's comments about the Cloughton trip and how they are feeling before we go.


Jessica P: I am exited about going to Cloughton this year, I am most excited about going to Robin Hoods Bay.


Crystal: I'm so excited about the trip to Cloughton, as i am looking forward to going to Ripley castle, and being with all my friends!


Katie M: Even though i am quite worried about leaving my family behind, i am still really excited about Cloughton! I am really happy about spending time with all of my friends.


Hope.W: I'm sure i will have lots of fun at Cloughton, even if i'm scared about who will be in my room, but i think it will be fun!!!


Emiy H: I am really exited about Cloughton because we will spend lots of time with my friends in the rooms and having an adventure everyday!


Harvey:Hi I'm 50 50 about Cloughton because I don't know what room I'm in