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Day 1

Mr Head's Group:


We got on the bus at Eight twenty and we drove to the deep in Hull.  We saw the Humber Bridge but we didn't go over it. 

When we arrived at the deep we put our bags into a security cage.  Then we entered the deep.  The first exciting thing we did was go in a lift that goes through the fish tank!  In the tank there was sharks and Manta Rays.

We looked around the first part of the deep.  We really liked the enormous fish and the eels.  There were also swordfish and fossils.

We were feeling hungry so we stopped for lunch and then went to spend our money in the shop. There were lots of exciting things to buy and we wanted to stay there even longer.

After that we went through a tunnel made of real ice!  There were some penguins.  Katie thought they were adorable. 

After the penguins we went into a big hall with lots of different types of fish.  There was also a glass tunnel we would could walk through.  The fish were really close and a really big shark came to say hello.

Later on we went to be penguin agents to help identify the penguins using a key.  We learned a lot about penguins.  Jack's favourite was the Emperor penguin.

Finally we set of on the road to Cloughton.  It took about two hours.  When we arrived, we had a drink and a biscuit.  Mr Head had a coffee. 

We found out who was in our rooms and everyone was happy.  The rooms are massive!  Some even have a sea view. Then Mr Head gave out our postcards so we could write to  home. Hopefully our parents will get them soon. Now we are getting ready for dinner. ;)

Day 1 Mrs Bentley’s Group

We arrived at school at 8am, said goodbye to our grown ups, got on the bus and headed to the Deep.

At the Deep we went on a lift and went up through one of the tanks. We saw stingrays, mini sharks, tiger sharks, lemon sharks, white tip reef sharks and loads of fish!

We learnt that clown fish are born as males and some of them turn into females.

We became penguin detectives and we found out in New Zealand the yellow-eyed penguins are critically in danger because humans are chopping down trees.

We arrived at Cober Hill, had a drink and biscuit, found out who we were rooming with and then went to our rooms.

“The rooms are big, comfortable and amazing”

“5star luxury”

After dinner (3 courses) we are going on a night walk and we will make sure we wrap up warm and tell you all about it tomorrow.

Mrs Mithell's group:


Hi parents!

Day 1 of year 5 Cloughton adventure

Today we went to The Deep. When we arrived at the Deep we went straight up to the glass lift, where you could see lots of different sea creatures as you travel up. As we went around there were lots of little games to play. Then it was time for lunch....

After lunch we went through the ice tunnel. The tunnel was made of real ice and it felt so cold! Soon after that we went into a workshop.

There was an expert who told us all the facts about Penguins. The tallest type of penguin is an Emperor and they live on the Antarctic. In The Deep they have Gentoo penguins.

Once we left the Deep we travelled to Cober Hill. It was a long journey. When we arrived we grabbed our suitcases and went for a biscuit. We were all so excited to find out who we are sharing a room with – thankfully everyone is happy with the choices the teachers have made.

We will soon be having beef stew for dinner and going on our night walk expedition.

Check in tomorrow for further updates on our Cloughton experience!

Mrs Wilson's Group

Day 1 Monday 27th February 2017

Mrs Wilson’s Group

Firstly we arrived at school at 8.00am and put our cases on the bus. Next we all went into the hall with our parents and did the register. Then we said goodbye to our parents and hopped onto the bus. While on the bus we saw The Humber Bridge and went underneath it. Our next stop would be The Deep!! After that we arrived at The Deep shortly afterwards.

The Deep

There was an amazing glass bubble lift which took us up to the third floor. We saw lots of sharks and fish swimming curiously around us. After our amazing underwater journey, we arrived on the third floor. Wow, what a fantastic variety of sea creatures. Some we recognised but most of them we had not seen before. It has been a phenomenal experience so far at The Deep. Looking forward to Cober Hill and our evening walk!

Can’t wait to catch up tomorrow...