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Day 2

Mr Head's group:


Last night we sat down at the dinner table and for starter we had tomato soup and some bread. After our starter, our main course came. It was beef stew! Caitlin said it was delicious. Then we had sponge cake and custard for dessert. After dinner, we went up to our rooms and got in our warm gear for our night walk. Then, we took a stroll to a place by the cliffs to listen to the sea and watch the stars. Unfortunately, it was too cloudy so we couldn't see the stars. On the way back, we turned off our torches and walked back in the dark. Finally, we had a drink and a biscuit before bed. Then we went to bed.



This morning we woke up and got dressed. As soon as we got dressed, we came down for breakfast. Breakfast was delicious! We had some cereal, toast and sausage, beans and egg. Next we went to our rooms to put all our warm gear on for the day. A few minutes later, we got on the bus and drove to Whitby museum. We saw fossils, stuffed animals, dolls, a horrible hand called The Hand of Glory and model ships. In the museum there was a shop and we bought some souvenirs. As a treat, the teachers let us have a few minutes on the playground. IT WAS SO MUCH FUN! Next we had lunch and then went on a long walk. We did the polo challenge and Ellis beat Mr Hattersly! A while later, we arrived back at Cober hill and got dressed for the evening. Today was a really nice day!

Day 2 Mrs Bentley’s Group

Last night we went on a night walk, it was cold, cloudy but fun. We turned our torches off and looked up at the stars, we couldn’t really see the stars because it was too cloudy. Mr Head used an app called star walk 2 and it showed us the current positions of the stars and planets. We walked back in the dark with our torches off and it was super scary, although some people felt happy, relaxed and fine.

This morning we woke up and had the best breakfast ever. We got on the bus and drove to Whitby museum. We saw loads of dinosaur bones, fossils and the hand of glory! After we had finished we got gifts for are friends and family. The sun was shining so we went to the park it was so much fun!

We got back on the bus and drove to Goathland where Dolly joined us. First we had lunch and put on our walking boots. We set off determined to get it DONE. As we were walking we came past a very special tree and that tree is where the ULTIMATE,EXTREME POLO CHALLENGE BEGINS!!!!! The 1st 2nd and 3rd places in order were: Ellis in 1st, Mr Hattersley in 2nd and Carly in 3rd.We finished the 3 mile walk to Grosmont and then our weary bodies got back on the bus and headed back to Cober Hill where we had some much needed chill time in our rooms before getting ready for another delicious meal.

Tonight’s activities are the Olympics and quiz which we will tell you about tomorrow.

Mrs Mitchell's group.


Hi parents!

Day 1 of year 5 Cloughton adventure

Today we went to The Deep. When we arrived at the Deep we went straight up to the glass lift, where you could see lots of different sea creatures as you travel up. As we went around there were lots of little games to play. Then it was time for lunch....

After lunch we went through the ice tunnel. The tunnel was made of real ice and it felt so cold! Soon after that we went into a workshop.

There was an expert who told us all the facts about Penguins. The tallest type of penguin is an Emperor and they live on the Antarctic. In The Deep they have Gentoo penguins.

Once we left the Deep we travelled to Cober Hill. It was a long journey. When we arrived we grabbed our suitcases and went for a biscuit. We were all so excited to find out who we are sharing a room with – thankfully everyone is happy with the choices the teachers have made.

We will soon be having beef stew for dinner and going on our night walk expedition.

Check in tomorrow for further updates on our Cloughton experience!

Tuesday 28th February 2017: Mrs Wilson’s Group

Wow, tea was amazing! For starter, tomato soup, for main we had beef stew, mini roast potatoes and vegetables. And we still had pudding to go, vanilla sponge with custard- YUM!

After tea, we got changed into our outdoor gear, grabbed our torches (it was very dark) and headed outside. Halfway through we gazed at the beautiful sky, the clouds were covering the stars, nevertheless Mr Head had a secret app. It showed the constellations of the stars all around us. After that we had a drink and biscuit and were ready for bed.

Day 2

The sun was shining brightly through the windows in each room. We were all starving and getting hungrier by the minute. Then we were drawn into the dining room by the delicious smell of: toast, sausages, scrambled eggs and baked beans.

After breakfast we set course for Whitby Museum with our walking boots in tow. As quick as a flash, we drove down the road and saw Whitby Abbey in the distance. Shortly after we arrived at Whitby Museum! There were lots of amazing artefacts to explore like: The Hand Of Glory, jet stones, ships and lots and lots of interesting items. We all had a go in the play park, including the adults, and set off for Goathland.

Shortly afterwards, we arrived at Goathland and had our lunch outside in the beautiful sunshine. Everyone put their walking boots on ready for our walk. The walk was breathtaking with some lovely scenery. Mr Hattersley always does a polo challenge, and this time Ellis won.