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Day 3

Day 3 Mrs Bentley’s Group

Last night, we managed to win the Cloughton Olympics with a staggering 117 points. Sadly, we didn’t get to do the quiz so we are going to do it tonight instead.

This morning we had breakfast. It was really nice. After breakfast we set off on the bus to go to Robin Hoods Bay. When we got there we met two lovely ladies Jo and Margaret. They gave us lots of information about sea creatures and life in the village. We did lots of activities like, rock pooling, a quiz and a trail around the village.

When we finished all the activities we went to the park. It was really muddy but it was still fun. Later we are going to watch a film called THE ........

Tell you about it tomorrow.

Mrs Mitchell’s group


Hi guys,

Day 3 of year 5 Cloughton adventure

Since our last blog the excitement of the Cloughton Olympics had happened!!! The winners were ... In first place, Mrs Bentley’s group in second place, Mrs Mitchell’s [our group] in third place, Mrs Wilson’s group and sadly in last place was Mr Head’s group. We all went up to bed after the competition.

Today we woke up bright and fresh because we had to start the day early. We went for breakfast; it was lovely because it was bacon egg and tomato. Then we went on the coach and headed straight to the coast. Luckily it was sunny and we got to have chips on the bench near the rock pools. We did some rock pooling and we caught some sea creatures many of us caught: hermit crabs, crabs, sea snails and lots of shells! Also we saw a scorpion fish!

We came back to the hotel and wrote our blogs

Read our blog tomorrow

Mr Head’s group


Last night, we had a wonderful dinner with sweet potato soup and roast chicken breast with vegetables for main cause. Then we had a brilliant chocolate mousse covered in whipped cream! Then we went in the lounge and sent messages home to our parents.

After that, we did the Cloughton Olympics but unfortunately, we came last. Then we went to our bedrooms so we could go to bed.

Today, we had bacon, eggs and tomatoes for breakfast, Grace-lily thought it was delicious! Then we went upstairs and got dressed for the day ahead of us.

When we came down from our bedrooms, we got on the bus and drove to Robin Hoods Bay. Eventually we got there and went to a little hut called The Old Coast Guard Station. We went upstairs and put our bags down. Then Mr Heads Group and Mrs Wilson’s group went on a long village tour to see many historical objects. We saw many houses that might have belonged to famous people in the village. Then we returned to the Old Coast Guard Station to get ready for rock pooling. We caught loads of hermit crabs! When we finished rock pooling we lined all our buckets of hermit crabs up and learned a lot about different sea creatures. Then we all worked up loads of tiring stairs and went to a play park. We played for half an hour, then we went on the bus back to Cober Hill.      


Wednesday 1st March 2017 Mrs Wilsons group

For our tea, it was roast chicken, vegetables and potato chips. The whole of the meal was delicious. Pudding was a big tray of chocolate mousse with cream covered in chocolate flakes with as many helpings as you could possible consume. Now it was time for the famous Cloughton Olympics! Unfortunately we didn’t win but Mrs Bentley’s group did. Eventually, we all fell asleep due to exhaustion.


We woke up early in our beds and went downstairs to eat our breakfast. It was bacon, eggs and tomato.

We set off to Robins Hood Bay for rock pooling and other activities. Our base for the day was the Old Coast Guard Station. The first activity was a tour around the village which was historical. After that we went rock pooling, the activity we all were looking forward to. When we came back we did a quiz in the centre. There were lots of interesting facts about the history behind the village.