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Day 4

Mr Head’s Group

Last night, we had parsnip soup for starter, quickly followed by a main course of pulled pork. Then we had an amazing dessert of chocolate bread and butter! Then we went to go and get ready for our movie night which was the BFG. Once the movie was finished, we went to bed.


Today, we woke up with a bright sunshine in the baby blue sky. We went down stairs to the restaurant where we were greeted with cereal and followed by a cooked breakfast that had sausage, eggs and beans. After that, we went on the bus to Bempton cliffs. We did lots of activities inside then we went to a platform that was on the cliff near the edge. We used binoculars to look at different birds flying around.

After RSPB Bempton, we went to the beach in Scarborough for a picnic. We played on the beach. There was football, volleyball, sandcastles and writing our names in the sand.

We headed back to Cober hill and went to the playground. There was a giant mega slide. Mr Head had to have the first go. It was quick and some people landed in the mud including Katie, Bradley and Caitlin. We saw a car with a numberplate named after Mrs Hopkins.

We have just been to our rooms to get ready for the talent show and dinner. Fish and Chips tonight. Yummy.

Thursday 2nd march 2017 Mrs Wilsons group

For our starter, a yummy parsnip soup. Then for main, we had mini salty potatoes, roast pork, and veggies with gravy. Dessert was chocolate bread and butter with a choice of ice cream or custard.

The movie we were watching was the BFG, also known as the Big, Friendly Giant. By the time the movie ended, we were snoozing away in our beds!

Day 4

In the morning, most of us awoke quite early, however others were still asleep – zzzzz.... For breakfast it was a delicious range of cereal; toast’n’jam, and a filling cooked breakfast: sausages, scrambled eggs, and baked beans ... YUM!

We set off for our journey to Bempton Cliffs to do some bird watching over a cliff over the sea. We learnt about Gannets, Razorbills and many more! Afterwards, we went to Scarborough North side beach, to have our lunch and to play. Some people built sandcastles, as others played football.

As soon as we arrived at Cober Hill, we went to visit The Secret Garden. Unfortunately, we couldn’t go there as another school was playing there. Hopefully, we’ll go tomorrow. Tonight is CHUTER EDE GOT TALENT....

Hi again!!!

Day 4 of our Cloughton adventure

Last night we watched The BFG, which was brilliant. The movie was really funny, it was also quite emotional. It finished at 9:55 PM we were all very tired. We all went straight to sleep.

As we woke up for the last full day, we were excited for our trip to the beach. Before we went there we made a detour to Benton Cliffs to see tons of amazing costal birds. IT WAS FREEZING!!! Then we began to set off for the beach.

When we were there all the teachers brought a football, buckets and spades also a mini ball. The boys all played football and were dramatic about the score. Mrs Mitchell mad a crocodile out of sand. We came back to Scarborough exhausted and tired. The secret garden was full so we went to the hotel park. Mr Head went down the big slide first (with lots of excitement.)

Tonight is the talent show there are lots of acts to watch that we haven’t seen yet. We all can’t wait to go home [we’ve all had a great time though]!

Day 4 Mrs Bentley’s group

... BFG it was full of excitement and wonder. The BFG was about a little a girl called Sophie who went on a magical adventure with the BFG aka [big friendly giant]. Also our group WON the quiz. Our week at Cloughton has been amazing and so FUN!!

Today we went bird watching at Bempton cliffs and we saw lots of different birds including razorbills, guillymotts and even a herring gull. We went searching for tree sparrows which were really hard to find. There is only 6% of them left. It was cold and very windy on top of the cliffs.

After being half blown away by the wind we headed to Scarborough and went to the lovely sandy beach. We built loads of sandcastles and played loads of games. After that we went back to Cober hill and headed to the secret garden.

Unfortunately, another school were all ready there so we went to the park instead. In the park there was a really big slide and Mr Head being Mr Head had to be the first one on the slide.

Off to get ready for the talent show.

Bye from the Team Bentley winners!!!!