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Day 5

Day 5 Mrs Wilsons group


For starters, we had vegetable soup, and for tea was fish with vegetables and chips. For dessert was a delicious bowl of apple crumble --- YUM! After our yummy tea, we did our TALENT SHOW!!! The judges were: Mrs Mitchell was Alesha Knitson, Mrs Bentley was Nicole Shamazing, Mrs Wilson was Sharon Wasborne, Jamie was JB, and Amber was Amanda. In third place was Harriet and Libby. In second place was Thomas. In first place was ..... GRACE - LILY!


After the big talent show, we had to go to bed. In the morning after a long nights sleep we all woke up and were very excited about Eden Camp. After Eden Camp we had lunch and headed on the bus to go home --- YAY! After a long two-hour journey back home, we hopped off the bus one by one to meet our family members.  We told our family about what a fun time we all had at Cloughton.

Day 5 Mrs Bentley's group

It was so much fun last night. IT WAS THE TALENT SHOW !!!!! in 3rd place was .... Libby and Harriet with their mash up. In 2nd was Thomas with the piano in 1st was............ Grace-Lily with her amazing solo to elastic heart by Sia.


The next morning we had a early start. It was the last day. We got our suitcases and bags on the bus and went for our breakfast. it was lovely. After that we got on the bus ready to go to Eden camp. It was full of interesting  facts. At he end we went on the park it was really fun. Then we got on the bus for the last time and set of home. Thank you for reading our blogs BYEEEE!!!

                                                                TEAM BENTLEY