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Mrs Harrison's Friday Challenge

Friday 5th July 2019


This week, we had a visit from the author Gareth Baker. For this week's challenge, visit his website here: and tell me about it.  There's lots of fun stuff on the site as well as info about all his books.  


Friday 14th June 2019

Friday 21st June 2019

We are keeping the same challenge as no-one has done it yet!!


Today, the winners of the BBC 500 words 2019 story writing competition were announced.  

For a house point, explore the 500 words web page and have a read of some of the stories.  Pick a favourite to share with the class - you could either print it off or just note down the name of the story or the link.  We will read all of your favourites together in class.



Friday 7th June 2019


Next week, we are going on our residential trip!


Explore the Chatsworth House and Poole's Cavern websites.  For a house point, come and tell me a fact you found about the places.  You could also print or draw a copy of a picture of either place. 



Friday 17th May 2019


May is National Walking Month! 

We are continuing the challenge this week.

For a house point - go for a walk and tell me about it next week.

For 2 house points - bring in some photos, drawings or a map of your walk.   


Friday 3rd May 2019


Monday is the May Day Bank Holiday! 

For a house point - find out about the history of May Day in Britain - I would also love to hear about anything nice you have been doing too.


Friday 26th April 2019


Welcome back after a gorgeous Easter holiday! 

For a house point on Friday, tell me about something that you did over the holidays.  You could just tell me about it, or you could write or draw - a bonus house point if you would like to bring in some photos too! 


Friday 29th March 2019


Sunday is Mother's Day!


Tell me about something your mum (or Granny, or Aunt) has done that has inspired you, made you feel happy or totally impressed you.

Write about it, draw me a picture or tell me about it by next Friday to win a house point. 



Friday 22nd March 2019


Tomorrow is International Meteorological Day!


Find out what this day commemorates and some of the things that happen around the world on this day.  Why is it a good day for our class topic?  



Friday 15th March 2019


Today is Red Nose Day!


Find out about some of the projects helped or funded by Comic Relief.


Bring in your info by next Friday to win a house point!



Friday 8th March 2019


Today is International Women's Day!


Find out about an inspirational woman - this could be someone from history or someone alive today.


You could find out about their life, learn what they have done that is inspirational, bring in a quote said/written by them or even draw a picture of them by next Friday to win a house point.


Friday 1st March 2019


Today is St David's Day!

Can you find me 3 facts related to St David or the country he is associated with?  Bring me your answers next Friday to win a house point.   

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