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The teacher's will be taking their turn at adding to this blog.  They will share the part of the visit they are enjoying.

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22/3/15 MR HEAD 


I am really excited about going back to Cloughton.  It is always a fantastic trip.  We have lots of fun activities planned.  I am most looking to Robin Hood's Bay as it is one of my most favourite places in the entire world!

At the moment I am am frantically trying to finish off my packing and hope that I don't forget anything.  One year I arrived at Cober Hill without my toothbrush.  Luckily they had a spare new one I could have!

I am also looking forward to all the blogging this year and hope to share lots of information with parents via Twitter and the Cloughton page, here on the website.


I am off to finish packing now so I will see you all bright and early in the morning!


Mr Head.smiley

Cloughton 2015: Monday 23rd March


 Wow, what a day! A fantastic start to the week, filled with lots of activities and a LOT of excitement. After arriving at school at 8.00am, we set off for Ripley Castle. This was a really nice opportunity to see and hear the children so enthusiastic about the week ahead. Ripley castle was beautiful, the children loved the garden, especially the lake and waterfall. The tour guides were excellent, giving the children their wealth of knowledge about the 700 year old family home. After lunch, we started the second leg of our journey to Cober Hil. As you can imagine, bedrooms was the topic of conversation for this part of the journey.

 On arrival, the children were FINALLY told who they would be sharing a room with and given time to settle in. A short trip to the park was followed by dinner, soup, shepherd's pie and rice pudding, a real tummy filler! After dinner, the excitement grew for the famous night walk, we walked to the coast and Mr.Lile pointed out lots or constellations, this was a real conversation starter and the children were enthralled.

 We have had a great start to the week and we are all excited for what is to come!


Miss.Bramley smiley


24/3/15 Robin Hood's Bay


After a huge breakfast (Cereal, Fry up and Toast) we were all stuffed and in need to a bit of exercise so we boarded the buses and set off to Robin Hood's Bay.

It is one of my favourite places in the entire world and hope to retire there one day (but not just yet).

We split into three groups and headed off for the first activity.  My group went to the rockools first.  WE found a large amount of wildlife, including hermit crabs, periwinkles and limpits.  The children were fascinated!  So much so that they didn't notice that some had put their foot into a puddle.  Luckily we all had our walking boots on!

We sat and ate lunch on the quarterdeck near the sea wall.  My Hopkins bravely battled a particularly tame herring gull that had taken an interest in the pack ups.  Mrs Hopkins showed it who was boss!

After lunch we spent some time in the coastguard station learning about the history of the Bay as well as looking at more wildlife in their special tank.

Finally we explored the village looking at the houses and their special features.  I will let the children tell you more on their return.  

A quick dash up the hill, which for those of you who have not been is twice as long and steep as the hill in Lincoln.

A great day all round!  Tomorrow is Whitby Museum and the Walk.


Mr Head

24/3/15     Wonderful day!!!

We have all had a great time today and the weather at Robin Hoods Bay has really made it. The sun was shining and the children had fantastic fun exploring all the rock pools on the bay. My group loved finding out about the history of the village as they wandered around the narrow streets looking for the picture clues. The only drawback (for me!!) was the steep climb back up to the coach, but I had decided to stay at the back of the group keeping the children together - well that's what I told the children!

Tonight we had a team quiz which a group of the boys won and then we had the Cloughton Olympics - team games with a difference!! All staff joined in the fun with the Olympic events of skittle knockout, hoop the peg and bucket ball! Wonderful news! My team won - first time ever.

Need a good nights sleep ready for the long walk tomorrow.

Mrs Hopkins




Thursday 26th March

It’s only been 3 days and the children are already needing help to wake up in the morning, But with the news of maybe snow they were soon up and out. Sausage, egg and bacon – what a way to start the day!! “Don’t forget your wellies !”  Mrs Hopkins reminded us repeatedly.

Arriving at Dalby forest after 45mins of ‘beautiful’ singing from the back of the bus it was nice to get off to dry weather. For the first activity we headed into the forest for our habitat walk. Along the way we added an extra member to the group Fred the Frog, he wasn’t as fast as the others but was certainly quieter! The children then made a picture from all the items they could find and wow what little artist they are, some really amazing creations! And just as we thought we’d dodged the bad weather it started to hail heavily and Mrs Hopkins had us stood in a line at the side of the road with our backs towards it apparently this was meant to help. Back to the bus for lunch, absolutely soaked and with a group of children looking like flamingos trying to balance while changing shoes.

The afternoon started off being in the stream. The children really enjoyed timing different balls float down the stream and measuring the depth. They just struggled to keep water out of their wellingtons! To dry off and burn their last bit of energy they finished off the day by a good play on the park, the adult that is! Overall all children and adults had a fab day and are really looking forward to tomorrow.

Miss Beedham, Mrs Wilson & Alfie Evans.

The Final Blog 


And so the children are now all back with you.  We hope they have had a fantastic time and created many new memories as well as some new friends.  

For the Teachers, it has been a busy week with late nights and early mornings, as well as large amounts of food. Diets start next week!


My personal highlight of the week has to be the standoff between Mrs Hopkins and a particularly brave herring gul!  I think we will call this one a win for Mrs Hopkins.  The Gul was after the children's lunch but the brave Mrs Hopkins sent it packing!


I just  want to thank all of the parents for allowing your children to join us this week and apologise for the mountains of washing you must be sorting.  I hope you all liked the gifts and treats the children brought home for you.


If you have any pictures you want to share with others we will find a way of collecting them and putting them on the web so that everyone can see them.


Have a good rest children and we will see you on Monday!