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Year 4

Welcome to Year 4!

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Who were the Romans and what influence did they have?

We will look at the lives and ways of living of The Romans and The Celts.  We will also go on a trip to The Collection at Lincoln.


How can we light up our lives?

This is a topic based on electricity and circuits, where we will learn about the dangers of electricity and how to use it safely.


How do you un-boil an egg?

Another science topic based on reversible and irreversible changes.  Again we will carry out lots of investigations to find out about changes.


Can you show me the way to …. ?

This topic focuses on our local area of Balderton, Newark and Fernwood, where we learn and use lots of geographical skills.


Why did Robin Hood choose Nottinghamshire?

This topic builds on our local area topic by looking at our wider local area.  We focus on the history of Nottingham and Sherwood Forest, including the legend of Robin Hood, which we will gain an insight into when we have a 1 night residential at Sherwood Forest.


How are plants and animals suited to their environment?

In this topic we will look at the habitats in Sherwood Forest and around our school.  We will look at food chains and learn how to use branching diagrams.




September to February half term – Swimming on Thursday mornings.

February half term to July – Tuesday morning PE session covering gymnastics and athletics.

 Friday afternoons – Hockey, Football, Netball, Tag Rugby, Cricket and Tennis.



In English we will cover these genres of writing over the year, building on and improving our existing skills:

  • Historical stories
  • Poems based upon common themes 
  • Reports and articles in newspapers and magazines
  • Persuasive writing
  • Stories about imagined worlds

  • Instructions

  • Script writing

  • Explanations

  • Information texts and reports


We use the English objectives to plan the above units of work and link where possible to our topic work:



Secure decoding of unfamiliar words

Read for a range of purposes

Retell some stories orally

Discuss words & phrases that capture the


Identify themes & conventions

Retrieve & record information

Make inferences & justify predictions

Recognise a variety of forms of poetry

Identify & summarise ideas




Correctly spell common homophones

Increase regularity of handwriting

Plan writing based on familiar forms

Organise writing into paragraphs

Use simple organisational devices

Proof-read for spelling & punctuation        


Evaluate own and others’ writing

Read own writing aloud




Use wider range of conjunctions

Use perfect tense appropriately

Select pronouns and nouns for


Use & punctuate

 direct speech

Use commas after fronted adverbials

Speaking & Listening

Articulate & justify opinions

Speak audibly in Standard English

Gain, maintain & monitor interest






We use the maths objectives to plan our own units of work.





Know all tables to 12 x 12

Secure place value to 1000

Use negative whole numbers

Round numbers to nearest 10, 100 or


Use Roman numerals to 100 (C)

Column addition & subtraction up to 4


Multiply & divide mentally

Use standard short multiplication




Geometry & Measures Compare 2-d

  shapes, including quadrilaterals &


Find area by counting squares

Calculate rectangle perimeters

Estimate & calculate measures

Identify acute, obtuse & right angles

Identify symmetry

Use first quadrant coordinates

Introduce simple translations


Use bar charts, pictograms & line





Fractions & decimals

Recognise tenths & hundredths

Identify equivalent fractions

Add & subtract fractions with common


Recognise common equivalents

Round decimals to whole numbers

Solve money problems