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Year 5

Topics covered in Year 5:


Creative Curriculum

Why doesn’t the moon float off into space? (2 Terms)

Science focus - Forces, and space.  History of space flight.   Solar System.Phases of the moon.  Chemical reactions.  Rocket launch with a water rocket.


Did the Vikings really wear helmets with horns?

Viking invaders and Settlers.  Place names, Everyday life and technology.  Life as a Viking child.  DT task to build and test a long boat.


Where in the world is Cloughton?

Preparation for residential holiday.  Life cycles, habitats and adaptation.  Coastal defences and development of sea side towns.


What happens when you get old?

Human life cycle. Evolution.  Inheritance. Aspirations for the future.


What can a picture tell us? World War 2 focus. Newark in World War 2.                       Child evacuees from Sheffield.  Bombing raids on Newark during the war.  Rationing, Historical sources and reports.

Y5 Curriculum Coverage for Reading, Writing and Maths.

Curriculum Overview