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Year 6

Our Learning Challenge Questions and topics this year are:


Autumn Term

1. What would it be like to be stranded on a desert island?

      Kensuke's Kingdom

      Hiroshima and Nagasaki, Enola Gay

      Around the world; using an atlas

      Study of Brazil

      The Mayans

      Andy Warhol

      Changing and separating materials



2. Innocent until proven guilty?

    William Shakespeare and Macbeth

    Marwell Manor Mystery

    Macbeth Music Workshop

    Trip to the Galleries of Justice linked to 'Crime and Punishment'


Spring Term

     Who wants to live forever?

     How to Live Forever

     Quest stories

     Light and Electricity

     Show racism the red card

     Revision of genres    

     Revision of all science topics

     PGL visit


    Summer Term

    Who has influenced the world?



    Looking after our world

    People of Change, People of Difference

    Sex and relationship education

    Moving on - transition to secondary school and Leavers' service

    Animal Welfare and conservation; looking after our world



During the year, Maths objectives will be covered according to the Maths National Curriculum as well as exploiting opportunities for Maths in other curriculum areas.

Other subjects such as French, RE, ICT, PSHE, PE and Music will be taught in weekly lessons or as a topic block, relating them to the creative curriculum as appropriate.