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Autumn 1

Our Autumn term topic usually begins with "If you go down to the woods today".


Our core stories this term are:

Goldilocks and The Three Bears

We're going on a Bear Hunt


We focus on characters, settings, story language to sequence and retell the story and our listening skills to listen, understand and answer questions about each book.


Below are links to video versions of these stories your children may enjoy at home.


Autumn 2


As Autumn will be in full swing we will be looking at seasonal changes that happen in this season. Chatting to your children about "Autumn" and looking for signs of the changing seasons when out and about will help them to build their vocabulary to explain what is happening.


Our Autumn term topics focus around light and dark alongside work on the celebrations which happen at this time of year.


Our core stories are:

Room on the broom

Owl babies

The Nativity


Children will be working on their initial sounds this term (all of the letters of the alphabet as single letter sounds).


We will be learning to form them correctly. Please see letter formation videos if you would like to help your child at home with this. 


We are learning to hear and say what sound words begin with - games of I spy are great for this - and to hear and say sounds in simple words for reading and writing.

Letter formation

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Ladder letters- l, i, t, j, u, y

Letter formation

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Curly caterpillar letters- c, o, a, d, g and q.

Letter formation

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Robot arm letters- r, n, m, h, k, p and b

Letter Formation

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Initially our focus is on recognition and ordering of numbers 1-10. We will also work on correct number formation - see the videos below on number formation to help support your child with this.


Accurate counting is an important skill to secure in this term, whilst many children can count out loud from 1-10 many struggle with counting slowly and carefully enough to match one spoken number to each object the are counting. We encourage children to line up, move or touch each item they count and to count slowly and carefully.


As well as counting a group of items given to them, collecting the correct amount of objects and stopping when they have enough is another trickier skill we will be working on. Asking children to help at home "Could you get 7 potatoes out of that bag?" or challenging them when they are out "Could you fetch me 10 leaves?" will support with this. Get your children to count and check that they have the correct quantity themselves when they bring them. If they have too many, can they discard the correct amount or if they need to collect more, do they know how many more they need?

Number formation video

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