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Hi everyone,


We are all really looking forward to working with you.  Lots of you will have been spending time in school during lockdown but things will be slightly different from June 1st as there will be lots more children in other parts of the school.  Below, you will find some videos showing you how to get to our classroom in the morning and what the classroom will look like.


Key information:

  • You will be able to access the school car park from 8.45am to drop children off at the field gate where they will be met by us.   We will aim to head into the school by 9.
  • Walk round the car park in an anti-clockwise direction.
  • We will use the same system in the afternoons - pick up will be at the field gate from 3pm until 3.15pm.
  • Our classroom base for Year 2 and 3 is Mrs Good and Mrs Palethorpe's Year 2 classroom; many of you will have used this classroom when you were younger and for some of you, it is your normal classroom!
  • There are boys and girls toilets to the side of the classroom and 3 sinks for regular hand washing.  This will be encouraged throughout the day as well as at key times such as play time and before eating or drinking. 
  • Year 4 and 5 will be based in the hall and will be using the disabled toilet.
  • We have set up the classroom ready for you, with each child having an individual table with their tray and a selection of stationery for them to use.  Stationery may be brought from home and kept in this tray. 
  • In order to keep the numbers in our room below 15, we have use of the computer suite and a space in the infant library as well as plenty of outside space available for us to use.
  • Drinking bottles can be kept on each child's table.  Please can they be washed and returned full each day. 


You are still welcome to contact your child's class teacher on the year group home learning emails, but if  you would like to contact the Balderton Key Worker Children Teaching Team directly, you can email us at:

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