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Mr Head's Group:


We all loved the sea life centre because we got tot see the stingray smile!  The underwater tunnel was cool!  It was like being under the ocean. 

At Robin Hood's bay ds liked the rockpools because we got to look at the sea creatures in the habitats.  We had to remember to put them back once we had done.  We wanted to stay longer but the tide was coming in.

We also enjoyed the three mile walk because we could see the colours of nature.  WE got very wet, but we didn't mind.  We liked being soggy! 

At Whitby museum we got to find out things we never knew before.  We saw some stuffed animals and sea birds.  We found out that ammonite fossils were from dinosaur times and were creatures similar to a nautilus.

We love the food.  Our best day was Lasagne and trifle.  We also loved eating chips by the sea!  We cant believe we get a cooked breakfast every day, with sausage or bacon.

The film night was good, we loved getting into our onsies to watch the film.

Mr Hattersley's Group


Another day at Cloughton began with a visit to Robin Hood's Bay.

We liked the rockpooling because we found many different species of crab.  Harrison even found a 50p piece!

Back at Cloughton we visited the 'secret garden' to find the messages hidden in the wall .

Biscuits were so tasty when we got back to Cober hill!

We're ending the night with entertainment in the form of the "Cloughton Factor" talent show.

Mrs Bentley's group


We went to the Jorvik Centre in York.  We got to see loads of animal bones and learn a lot about the Vikings.  We really enjoyed the dig where we got to search for different artefacts and we even found a human hand.

We went on a night walk with our torches and we listened to the waves crashing on the cliffs.  On the way back we turned our torches off and walked in complete darkness and we saw 3 stars in a row.

On Tuesday morning we went to the Sea Life Centre. We got to touch starfish and watched the seals being fed.  In the afternoon we went to Bempton Cliffs. We got to see lots of wonderful birds.  The Kitty wake was my favourite because it shouts its own name.  At night we did the Cloughton Olympics and our team came second.

Wednesday morning we went to Whitby Museum and learnt lots of facts about Whitby.  We saw loads of pictures of Whitby.  There was lots of model ships.  We got to look at puppets, dolls house, fossils, coins and more artefacts.  We also spent some of our money in the shop where everything was very cheap.  In the afternoon we went on a 3 mile walk from Goathland to Grosmont . We got drenched and jumped in puddles.  Lois won the polo challenge.   At night we had a movie night in our pj’s and watched The Peanut Movie.

Today we have been to Robin Hoods Bay and we went rock pooling and we all found something in the rock pools.  All of us found hermit crabs and sea snails.  We also did other activities like a tour round Robin Hoods Bay. 

Mrs Hopkins group


Mrs Hopkins’ group have thoroughly enjoyed the whole of the residential visit to Cloughton this year. Robyn had great fun at the DIG holding ‘fossilised poo’! and sorting out the bones of animals that had been found by the archaeologists. At Robin Hoods Bay, Tiger learnt all about the tides and the effect of the moon on them, we even sat and watched the tide coming in while we ate our lunch (and extra chips!!) No seagull attacks this year – thank goodness!!

On Wednesday, Tia loved the polo challenge! We did this while walking in the rain and getting soaked and Lois managed to beat Mr Hattersley at keeping the polo whole for longest. During the walk, loads of children had a great time splashing in the puddles and Ted really loved looking at the different colours that were around in nature.

Charlie was interested in the seals at the Sea Life Centre and watching them being fed. All the seals had been rescued but some were too tame to return to the wild. George also enjoyed our visit to the Sea Life Centre as he was able to see loads of different kinds of fish and sea creatures that you normally aren’t able to see.

At Bempton Cliffs, spot the boy with a pair of binoculars trained at all times on the sea – this was Callum! He was well into bird spotting and could identify many of the sea birds flying around including the herring gulls, kittiwakes and gannets. He even spotted a fulmar.

My group have been great this week – cheerful, happy and interested and a joy to bring away. I’ve had a great time too.

Mrs Wilson’s group


Woke up this morning guess what it was raining again today.

Today we went to Robins hood Bay to the old coastguard station. Next we went rock pooling and found lots of hermit crabs also some edible periwinkles. Esme F

When we went to the old coastguard station, we found out how the sea breaks the cliffs when it comes in quickly. Evie Brooks

On Tuesday we went to the sea life centre and we saw starfish, seals, penguins, jelly fish and turtles it was exciting. I am having a great time at Cober Hill. Ruben Surtees

After lunch we had some awesome chips at Robins Hoods Bay. We had a really big hill to walk back up to the bus. Near the bus there was a small park but this was very muddy. My favourite night was watching the Peanuts movie. Charles Maidment.

The best thing about Cloughton was Bempton Cliffs I found out lots of information about a puffin. Max

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