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Cloughton 2018

Here are our blogs from our Cloughton Visit 2018





Mr Hodgson’s Group

After what seemed like a long trip on the bus, we finally arrived at York railway museum. It was great as we could see inside some of the locomotives. Some of them even carried some royalty. King George VI, the Queen mother and Queen Elizabeth II were some of the people who travelled in the Royal carriages we saw.

We saw lots of different types of trains and went inside a Japanese bullet train, we sat inside the first class of a Victorian train and had a look inside an ambulance train which carried injured and sick soldiers in WW2.  From this, Eve found out that there are beds inside some trains!

We went underneath a working locomotive and saw lots of running pipes leading to different parts of the train.

Some of the highlights of our visit was; learning that trains had 3 classes (first, second and third), that the fastest train went 208mph and that there weren’t many electric trains, they mostly ran on coal. We enjoyed going inside the bullet train, going underneath the train and reading information about all of the different locomotives.

We had our lunch, left for Cober Hill, and some of us even had a nap on the bus.

When we finally arrived at a rainy Cober Hill, we had a refreshing drink and snack of a biscuit. We were sorted into our rooms a few minutes later and unpacked our bags and settled in. We found the rooms were warm and comfortable and we are all excited for a fun filled week!

Tonight we will go on a (wet) night walk before spending our first night away!


Miss Hough's Group

Today, we went to the National Railway Museum. We had an amazing time! We saw the Flying Scotsman and Stephens Rocket, royal carriages that the queen went in. We saw the Japanese Bullet Train, It doesn’t use wheels instead it uses magnet!! On the way to Cober Hill we set off from the Railway Museum about 1:15 and we got to Cober Hill at 3:30.  When arriving at Cober Hill we went to our bedrooms to unpack our bags. While unpacking our bags we settled into the rooms knowing where we were. Our bedrooms are 2-6 people and it was a surprise finding out who we was sharing our room with. Every was happy with who they was sharing with. All rooms are quite big and lovely and clean, the beds are comfy.  We can’t wait till we go to the beach tomorrow and have a good day.


‘Cober Hill is amazing’ said Georgia


‘The Railway Museum was really interesting, I thought the best bit was Stephenson's Rocket’ said Ellis. 


Mrs Cross’ group 

Today, we left school at 8:30. It was 2 hours to get to York and we kept ourselves busy by playing games talking and colouring. When we got to the railway museum we put down our bags and set off to look at all the interesting steam engines. We saw some royal carriages that were extremely elegant and comfortable. Some of the trains were: The Japanese Bullet and The Henry Oakely and the Livingston Thompson engine. We loved the railway museum.

We looked at the trains for an hour and a bit then went for lunch on some benches in the station hall. After we had our lunch we went to the gift shop. We got some cool collectables from the gift shop and lots of cool mini toys.

Straight after that we hopped straight onto the bus and started getting on our way for Cober Hill.


Trip to Cloughton!  Mrs Bowes group

When we got to school we felt anxious and exited about going to Cloughton. We didn’t need to worry! 

It was a long journey to The Railway Museum but it was worth it in the end. We saw loads of trains and some we got to go inside. We had our lunch at The Railway Museum and a look around the gift shop. It went very quickly.  Next we boarded the coach again to head to Cober Hill. Some of us fell asleep.  The journey felt like forever, because we couldn’t wait to get there, but it was rewarded with quality.

Jamie thought the building was beautiful and it amazed him.

We arrived at Cober Hill got off the bus and had to grab a suitcase and rush inside before we got soaked.  We went into the hall and had some juice and biscuits and sorted out our rooms.  The rooms are amazing, just like being in a hotel!  The beds feel really comfortable with fluffy pillows.  We had some time to chill out and unpack our bags and get ourselves organised.  Then we had to meet again in the hall to write this blog.  Now, we can’t wait for our dinner and night walk.

Erin said “We hope  for good weather and we hope this fun lasted forever!”



Mr. Hattersley’s Group

This morning we had to arrive at school for 8am ready for our trip to Cloughton. We left the cases in a line near the bus stop and then went into the hall for register. We set off at 8.30am.

When we got to the Railway Museum we split into our groups with Mr Hattersley. In our group are Alice O , Millie , Jenson ,Colt, Rhiannon, Nathan, Macie and Owen R but he will be joining us later. 

At the Railway museum the first thing we noticed was that  there were lots of train engines. Stephenson`s Rocket, The Flying Scotsman, The Shinkansen Bullet Train , The Mallard and an ambulance train.

At 12:15 we had lunch in the Station Hall. After we went to the shop and Colt bought a whistle.

We went back on the bus and went to Cober Hill. It was a boring bus ride in the pouring rain 

Finally we made it to Cober Hill and went to see our rooms, They were really posh.

We unpacked our suitcases and put our name tags on the door.

Alice said that the best part for her was going on the bullet train.


Mrs Barnard’s group

What a long day of travelling!

It took us about 2 hours to get to the railway Museum and then another hour and a half to get to Cober Hill.

At the museum we saw a replica of Stephenson’s Rocket, the Japanese bullet train, the oldest steam engine from 1829, the Royal carriages and loads of trains.

Dylan says “George Stephenson created the first steam engine; he was the first to combine 3 elements”.

Daniel remembered one of the carriages was used by Queen Elizabeth I.

Olivia thought the Royal carriages were very posh because they were like houses on wheels.

However, Jay didn’t think Queen Elizabeth’s carriage was as posh.

We saw a carriage that was used by the Royal Mail to sort and transport post. There was also an ambulance train.

We had a bit of a disaster as Connor dropped his disposable camera between the edge of the train and the platform! It was impossible to get it out, so it will be there forever!

“Before we went shopping, we saw a model railway. It had houses, trees, fields, buildings and 2 trains running round it. It even had big tunnels!” (Jasmine)

“After lunch, we went into the gift shop to buy some souvenirs.” (Cassie)

After a bit of shopping, we got back on the bus to set off for Cober Hill.

When we arrived, it was raining so we all grabbed a bag and went inside for juice and biscuits. Our rooms are very nice and we’re trying to keep them tidy; there’s a room inspection in the morning!

Soon it’s dinner time then we’ll go on our night walk. See you all soon!



Mr Lile’s Group


We got to school at 8 o’clock and we went into the hall and had conversation, with our friends.

At half past eight we got on the bus, but a small amount travelled on the mini-bus. We set off from school at 8:30. After 2 hours driving in the rain, we arrived at the York Railway Museum. We explored the fascinating trains, we saw; the Flying Scotsman, the Rocket, the Japanese Bullet train (It went as fast as a bullet!) We saw a lot of royal trains that members of the royal family travelled on including King George the IV and King George the V and many more. After exploring, we had our lunch and walked back to the coach for our journey to Cober Hill.

After another hour driving through the rain we arrived. We un loaded the coach in the pouring rain and took them into the hall. We went into the hall and the teachers told us who we was in a room with and unpacked and had fun with our roommates.

Finn Charles said;

“I really liked the bedrooms they were posh.”


Day 2

Y5 Cloughton Blog Day 2- Tuesday


Such a jam-packed day today that the children have had no time to write their blogs! So this is a whole year group update. 

After a hearty breakfast we set off for Scarborough beach for a morning of sandcastle building, gymnastics, paddling and football. The sun shone, Mr Lile recorded a video on the drone (for us to use back in school for Literacy) and Mr Hattersley nearly got the bottom of his jeans wet!

We travelled up to Bempton cliffs RSPB centre after lunch where we learnt all about Barn Owls, Gannets and Tree sparrows. You'll be amazed how much we now know about birds! 

On the menu at dinner time was chicken curry and chocolate mousse, which went down well.


Because it was raining, we did the mini Olympics last night (which Mr Lile and Mrs Cross' groups won) so tonight we went on our night walk down to the coastal path. It certainly was dark! After a quick hot cholcolate, it was time for bed.


A few tired children tonight, but all are happy, having a brilliant time and enjoying the experience. Hope you're all enjoying the peace and quiet!


Mrs Barnard 


DAY 3 


Miss Hough’s group

This morning, we went down to breakfast and it was lush. Soon, after we went to Whitby Abbey and we enjoyed exploring the surroundings + museum. AMAZING! We split into two groups one stayed inside and the other out. It was so much fun!!! The groups that stayed inside saw loads of interesting artefacts and it had amazing shop as well.

The walk was long and muddy. The walk was fun we took part in a polo challenge which mean you have to keep a whole polo in your mouth for as long as everyone else.


Mr Hattersley`s Group Day 3                        14.3.18


Today we went to Whitby Abbey ,we walked around the Abbey and found out loads of facts. We all had a turn going in the grave . We hiked from Goathland to Grosmont (even though it was muddy)and had our polo mint contest and Harvey won .When we finished our hike, the teachers called us over and said the bus got stuck in the mud ,but we got pranked. On the way home we were all singing along to the music.


Mr Hodgson’s group

Day 3

After a lovely breakfast, we set off to Whitby abbey. We walked around the abbey itself Izzy said “My favourite bit about the abbey was the gift shop.” A popular opinion. Jack enjoyed reading the signs and learning lots of facts.

We walked back to the bus to head to Gotheland. After a packed lunch we set off on our walk to Grosmont. It was very muddy! We walked 3 and a half miles but overall it was very fun. Even though it was so muddy, Roxy enjoyed the part where the teachers pranked us!

Josh liked the views and Charlie’s favourite part was the polo mint challenge (even though nobody in our group won).

We are all looking forward to tea and watching Paddington 2.


Mr Liles group blog day 3

Today, we had beans, bacon and sausage it was SCRUMDIDDILYUMPTIOUS served with some toast (if you ask for ketchup you get it)

After breakfast we packed for the long day ahead of us. We travelled on the bus and got a great view for our pictures.

We went to Whitby Abbey, which is an amazing ruin. We found out Whitby Abbey is where the date for Easter was decided.

Owen said, “The ruins of Whitby Abbey was like an amazing maze of pillars and patterns.”

Then we got back on the coach and went to Goathland for lunch. Today we had lovely ham sandwiches, banana, penguin, cucumber, crisps & orange juice. We walked from Goathland to Grosmont, which was 3 miles. We stopped half way to do the Polo Challenge. Which was won by Harvey.


Mrs Barnard’s group Blog Day 3

After the second night of sleep, we started the day off with a knock on the door to wake up by the teacher. Before setting off on the bus, we had a luxurious breakfast down in the restaurant. We then drove down to Whitby Abbey.

Dan thought it was old and crumbly.

Olivia thought it looked cool how part of it had crumbled and part was still there.

Connor was pleased he didn’t drop anything today!

Everyone thought the abbey had a good view over the town.

We bought all sorts of high quality items in the shop- mostly massive lollypops and squidgy things.

After the abbey we went to Goathland. On the way we saw the station where they filmed Hogwarts station in Harry Potter.

Then we started to walk.

Our words to describe it are: long, fun, boring, tiring, muddy, slippy, confusing, prankful, sunny, scenic.

For part of the walk (half way) Mr Hattersley gave us a polo for the challenge to keep it the longest. Harvey won! Mr Hattersley would have won too but it fell out his mouth!

On one bit we went down the wrong path and went down a muddy hill, we were sliding all over. Then we realised we had to go back up the same way!

This was the prank- the teachers tricked us into thinking we had to walk all the way back as the coach couldn’t get us. We all fell for it, some of us still believed it even as we got into the car park and saw the coach!


Mrs Bowes group blog day 3

After a good nights sleep and a hearty breakfast we went to the majestic Whitby Abbey. We explored the grounds of the Abbey. We saw the ruins of the Abbey then went inside to the gift shop.

We then went on the coach to travel to Goathland where we had our packed lunch before setting off on a LONG and MUDDY walk to Grosmont. The walk was exiting but it was stressful, half way through the walk we stopped and did the POLO CHALLENGE!!

Then we got tricked by the teachers! We went back on the bus and listened to sick music. We got back with our boots and coats and clothes SUPER dirty. Now we are writing this blog before getting changed for our lovely tea and getting changed to watch Paddington 2.


Today we went to visit Whitby Abby and we did a walk.

We started by looking at the information board telling us lots of fact on Whitby Abby and started looking at the gift shop. Alice loved the gift shop. Then we went on a long journey on the bus to get to Goathland to have lunch and then go on a 7 mile walk . It was very, very muddy!! Half way through the walk we did the polo challenge and Harvey won. Then we were tricked by the teachers! They said the bus was stuck in traffic and that we wouldn’t make it for dinner and the movie.





Mr Hattersley’s group Day 4 15.3.18


This morning we all woke up tired after watching Paddington 2. When Colt got to his room he surprisingly found there was a huge leak through the ceiling. But it was all sorted.

We set off early to go to the old lifeboat centre .When we arrived we went to the rock pools. We found loads of different crabs despite us getting wet. Alice found a brittle starfish which is quite rare. Rhiannon found a dead crab claw under a rock. We trembled inside to get warm but then we went downstairs and learned some facts(while the other group were getting wet). After that we went round the village on a mini trail and learnt about the village’s history. We gathered our bags and then started walking to the bus and set off back.

We got to the hotel and watched the rest of Paddington 2.


Mr Hodgson’s group blog

Day 4

Another delicious start to the day; bacon, sausages, eggs, coco pops, toast and jam – YUMMY! We then set off to Robin Hoods Bay, where we learnt lots of interesting facts about its surroundings. Josh’s favourite part was going rock pooling and learning about different types of species. Cold and rough, the wind blew against our cheeks but we kept on going and enjoyed the activity!

We later travelled around the village and found lots of landmarks from the past and what they were used for. It was rainy and freezing cold but we only got lost once and found most of the landmarks on the map. Jack found the coffin window interesting and Izzy couldn’t believe the whole street had to use one tap!

After lunch, we went downstairs in the old coastguard’s building to learn more interesting facts about the village. We learnt about the fossils, the smugglers (Eve’s favourite part), and the story of the woman whose kitchen fell down the cliff due to the erosion of the sea pouncing at the cliffs. After a quick stop off at the gift shop (again a favourite in the group) we set off back to Cober hill.

Roxy’s favourite part was when we watched the end of Paddington 2 and tonight we are all looking forward to the talent show and hoping for good walking weather for the Humber Bridge tomorrow.

We are all looking tired but looking forward to seeing our parents tomorrow.

Mr Liles group blog day 4.


Thursday, 15 March 2018,

Today we went to do rock pooling. We tried to catch some extraordinary sea creatures that lived in the rock pools. Owen found something, it was either a leg of a starfish or a leech, but he did not know. It was very cool and we luckily escaped the rising tide (It was a ferocious storm!) While some of the groups went on a walk the others went into the shop but before that they learnt some interesting facts. We learnt that over 200 cottages fell into the sea in the space of 200 years due to cliff erosion. We also learnt that smugglers went to other countries to bring back things that are expensive where they live. The reason why they did that was because they didn’t have to pay tax. The smugglers hid in caves so they didn’t get caught by the coast guard. We leant that there was one tap.

Mrs Bowes group blog day 4

To start the day we had our delicious, breakfast. The pouring rain was disturbing as we had to walk on slippery rock and seaweed. We found loads of different types of shell fish like hermit crabs ,limpets and a dead crab.

After rock pooling we had a lesson about Robin Hood’s Bay, it was very interesting. We

looked at some fossils , how to make a hurricane and many other interesting things.

We also looked at the gift shop where we bought some things with the remains of our money. Also, we went on the village walk where we walked around the village looking for clues and matching them with the real thing.

We went back on the bus and we listened to music and chatted while playing with the things we bought at the shop. When we got back we rushed back inside hiding from the pouring rain. Then we went in the lounge to watch Paddington 2, we really liked it and we are excited to go home again even though we loved it here. We headed to the hall and stared to write our blog.

Ethan and Jamie had an enormous hole leaking with water last night and we had to leave our room, but we got a nice hot chocolate and waited for our VIP suite!




Mrs Barnard’s group blog day 4


We went down to have our breakfast this morning. We went on the bus to Robin Hood’s Bay. When we arrived, we sat down in the Coastguard Station. After a while, we went down to the beach to go rock pooling. Some of us mostly found sea snails and clams. After going rock pooling we gave our buckets the lady and she told us about the creatures we found. Before going to do the (rainy) walk we came inside to warm up. A few minutes in we came to a problem as we went wrong on our village trail, we found a random tap in the street that we thought was the one on the map but it wasn’t so we went the wrong way completely!

I (Jay) felt really REALLY cold because of the wind and the rain! I (Jay) loved my tuna sandwich (yes tuna).

When we finally got to the museum we read that a lady once was making a cup of tea in her back room and walked into the front room, but when she did her back room fell into the sea!!! Dylan said “It was lucky she went into her front room when it fell because she would have gone with it!”



Mrs Cross group Blog 4

Today at Robin Hood’s Bay was really fun we learnt lots of facts about the village.

One of the facts were that in the olden days they had to use taps because they did not have them in their houses .When we went rock pooling loads of us were finding Hermit Crabs and Abigail May said that she didn’t like it because a Hermit Crab jumped up on her. Ashlie said that one jumped up on her too and she freaked out. We got told that the tide can destroy houses from high above on the cliff top 200 years ago. We went on a long walk it was very cold and rainy and everyone got drenched . James found a baby crab . James said it was so so so cold it was like Antartica . The walk was fun and we learnt lots of facts about Robin Hoods Bay. When we were on the bus the bus driver played some music. When we got back to Cober we watched the rest of Paddington 2 . Jersey’s hair got stuck in the radiator and it was really painful.







On Wednesday night, there was a problem in room 56. A huge crack in the ceiling that was leaking a whole shower of water all over Colt’s bed and they had to go to a V.I.P suite. On Thursday Taylor slipped down the steps and got up and started laughing and even crying laughing. We went to Robin Hood’s bay yet we had a great time, because it was very fascinating. We went crabbing and Ellis slipped and face planted, the tide was getting very close. We learnt about erosion and that people smuggled tea over from Poland. And then we went shopping in the gift shop. We went back to the hotel after having a very fun time. After we got out of our wet outfits, we went to watch Paddington 2.




Fernwood Cloughton 2018



Mr Winter: Lexi, Mia, Luke, Jack, Charlie and Ben Jardine-Crane.

Mr Hattersley: Ola, Hollie, Szymon, Lucas and Emmnuel.

Mrs Wilson: Ana-Maria, Darcy-May, Tia, Reo, Lochlan and Jake.

Mrs Bentley: Mya, Hannah, Toby, William, Kyle and Ben Thompson.


Day One


Mr Winter

Oh my gosh, what a day it has been. When we left we were sad to leave our parents behind but we looked forward to the day ahead. The journey was long and tiring but we made it to York at last.

The museum was amazing, there was so much to explore, and we couldn’t believe the size of the biggest train there. A huge Chinese steam engine whose wheels were taller even than Mr Winter! There were so many different trains, fast ones and very and old ones, we especially liked looking at the different royal trains as well.

Then it was on to Cober Hill, we were so excited to see where we were going to be staying. The place is great and after sorting out our rooms we went for an exploration of the grounds. There is a brilliant play park although the slide is a little slow. After that we went to the secret garden and where the adults played games with us. Then Mr Hattersley showed us where Fernwood last year hid a message for us to read. Well leave one for next year’s Cloughton trip later this week.

It’s time for tea now. After that we are going to go on a torch walk to the sea. It’s been brilliant so far we can’t wait for tomorrow.


Mr Hatterseley

It was a very early start as we all said goodbye to our teary parents. The coach was very luxtiorios and we had a good driver called Sam.

At the rail museum we especially liked the ambulance train, the Mallard, and the bullet train.

Some of us brought postcards to send home to family members.

It seemed to be ages until lunch and some of were very hungry. When to got back on the bus we were all buzzing and it seemed to take ages to get to Cober Hill.

We settled into our rooms and we were excited to find out who we were staying with and what our rooms would be like.

We then had a tour of the grounds and found the secret garden and the message in the wall.

This evening we had a first class 3 course meal with starter, main and pudding. We then went off for our moonlight walk. It was amazing.

Mrs Wilson

Today we left school to start our residential, some of us felt nervous and some were excited. Later on we arrived at York railway museum then we split off into our groups. We saw many trains such as Mallard, Japanese Bullet train, Ambulance carriage and The Flying Scotsman. Our group called into the gift shop and bought some postcards. After a while we met up with everybody and had our lunch. We got on the bus and headed to Cober HILL

That’s all for now see you soon.

Mrs Bentley

We got on the bus from Chuter Ede to York Railway Museum. We found out that we were in Mrs Bentley’s group. We saw the model railway village and went in the Ambulance train, which had some really cool videos in. We got to build wooden trains. We went outside and saw a train go past.

We got back on the bus and headed off to Cober Hill and found out what rooms we were in. We then got our walking boots and went to the secret garden via the park. When we got to the secret garden we played fox and hounds. We are now looking forward to our evening meal and going for a night walk. We will tell you all about our meal tomorrow.


Day Two


Mr Winter

Monday night we went for a torch lit walk down to the sea. It was really spooky going down to the coast. When we got there we tried shouting to get the attention of a passing ship and then walked back (in the rain!!).

Tuesday was our first breakfast, it was really nice. We had cereal, toast and a cooked breakfast. It was delicious. Some of us even had more toast!!

After that we hopped on the bus and drove down to Scarborough beach. The sea was amazing with huge waves crashing on the sunny shore. We dug holes, dammed rivers, dodged waves and collected shells. Some of us made sandcastles. It was hard leaving the beach after having so much fun but we reluctantly got on the bus and headed for Bempton Cliffs.

We had eat lunch on the coach because it started to rain. At the Bempton Cliffs visitor centre we were introduced to Kerry and her team. We learnt about all the sea birds which come to the cliffs. We even learned that the Albatross has the biggest wingspan of any bird and lives between 80 and 100 years. Outside we were given binoculars and went to see Tree Sparrows which we only have 7% left in this country.

Then it was out to the cliffs. It was wet and really cold out there but we manged to see Gannets, Herron Gulls and even five Shags (which are really rare). Back inside we had a go at dressing up as owls which was a bit embarrassing and learnt some facts about the birds. On the way back to Cober hill we even saw a Barn owl on the hunt. Wow, that was great.

Tonight we have our quiz and Cloughton Olympics. Bring it on!


Mr Hatterseley

We started the day with the announcement of the winner of the tidiest and messiest rooms for boys and girls. We had a wonderful breakfast including toast, cereal and a cooked breakfast. By ten oclock we were by the beach at Scarborough. Some of us built sandcastles while others paddled in the water. A few of us even played football and Charlie kicked the ball straight into the sea.

We abandoned lunch outside because it was too cold and windy so we ate it on the coach instead.

At Bempton we met Kerry who told us all about the birds living there. We looked at Sparrows through binoculars. It was very cold but we fought through the pain and went on to the cliffs to see the Gannets , Fulmars and a Herring Gull. One fact we learnt was that the Albatross can live between 80 to 100 years whilst the barn owl only lives for 4 years. Emmanuel even dressed up as a barn owl with a beak, brown eyes and 3 claws on his feet. We ended up in the shop and most of us bought rubber slugs. Hollie was inspired by the music on the coach so named her slug Michael Jackson as his song Thriller was playing at the time.


Mrs Wilson

 Last night we had a late walk in the dark to the sea, we listened to the sea and sounds. It was a bit scary walking in the dark. We came back a bit wet (while Mrs Wilson was warm inside) and got ready for bed.

We woke up to a lovely tasty cooked breakfast Sausage, bacon, tomato and toast. After that we went to get all our extra layers on to go to Scarborough Beach.   At Scarborough beach we had lots of fun. Some of us collected rocks and others made dams in the sand. Unfortunately it started to rain so we got back on the bus and headed for Bempton Cliffs. It was raining so Sam (our bus driver) said we could eat our lunch on the bus. Yum cheese sandwiches and carrot sticks.

At Bempton we saw, puffins, Gannet’s, Herring gull, Guillemots and Shags and Kittiwake. It was so cold at Bempton (wish we put extra socks on) but we still had a fun day. Back to Cober Hill for a chill in our rooms! !


Mrs Bentley

Last Night, for tea we had tomato soup for starters and beef, potatoes and a Yorkshire pudding with veg for our main and berries with panacotta.

We went on a night walk which was fun and scary, we sang to the sea and on the walk back we got very, very wet!

This morning we had cereal, full English breakfast and toast with jam and marmalade. It was very nice.

We all had great fun at the beach and even the sun was shining.  William, Jake & Reo built a tunnel all the way to the sea.  Some of us played football.  Hannah found a fossil, Mya looked for crabs and Ben T and Lucas drained a little pool of water with a rock in the middle.

We couldn’t sit outside to eat our lunch because it was raining so we ate on the bus when we arrived at Bempton Cliffs.  We learnt a lot about birds and when we got up to the cliffs it was very cold but we saw lots of birds.  When we came back to the centre we were learning all about barn owls and then all of a sudden a barn owl flew past the window.  Today we saw a barn owl, a gannet, a fulmar and  a herring gull.  We used binoculars to look at tree sparrows which was good because it is World Sparrow Day today.

We are now off to rest in our rooms before we have tea.



Day Three


Mr Winter

Wow, that was a tiring day, and that was after all the excitement of the Cloughton Olympics last night! It all started when we made the journey to Whitby Abbey. As we approached the town from Cober Hill we could see the Abbey standing on the hill high above the town. When we got there a nice lady told us all about the history of the Abbey. There has been an Abbey here since Saxon times and we found out that Henry 8th took the roof (which was made of lead) and sold it to pay for his ships. What was left of the Abbey was really interesting to look at and you could see how big the place must have been.

From there we jumped back on the bus and went to Goathland, where we had our lunch outside in a picnic area. From there we set off on an adventure to walk to Grosmont. The path we followed was the old railway line between the two villages. At one point we were followed by an inquisitive sheep!

We followed a rushing stream which turned into a fast flowing river. There were lots of trees in the first part of the walk but this turned to fields as we got closer to Grosmont. At one point we went up into the forest and followed a twisty trail overlooking the river. Just before we got to Grosmont Mr Hattersley started the Polo challenge, where you put a Polo mint into your month and you see who can keep theirs whole the longest. In our group Jack kept it whole the longest but the winner overall was Mr Hattersley!

At Grosmont we watched the steam engines moving about in the station before stopping for Ice creams. Finally we got back on the bus to return to Cober Hill.

Tonight we get to watch Paddington 2 and eat popcorn. Cool!


Mr Hatterseley

We set off for Whitby Abbey full of excitement to see the glorious ruins. On arrival we were given a short talk on the history of the ruins. Did you know that the abbey was destroyed by Henry V111 when he had the lead removed from the Abbey’s roof?

We watched some short videos about the archaeology of the building then we went outside and saw the decoration around the pillars. The archaeologists also uncovered a courtyard garden in 1998. This now has an artistic statue of a naked man standing in the middle of it.

We then went on the bus and stopped to have dinner at Goathland. Here we met Hollie’s grandad who had popped over to see her and to join us on the walk. Half way along the route we did a polo challenge and Darcy May won it for the children. Mr. Hattersley won the grown up challenge. (He didn’t cheat this time)

At the end of the walk Mr. Walker treated us all to an ice cream. Yummy! We were relieved to see the coach in the car park and we placed our muddy boots in the drivers coach locker.

This evening we ate a tasty tea of Parsnip soup, lamb with stuffing and apple crumble and custard to follow.

To end the night we finished by watching Paddington 2 in the hotel lounge. We were all very tired but had really enjoyed the day.


Mrs Wilson

Last night we had Mini Olympic Games lots and lots of fun. Our team was called the Dream Team and we WON!!!Before bed we had a special treat Hot Chocolate yummy. Off to bed we went. In the morning we woke up and had breakfast sausage, bacon, beans and lots of toast and cereal. Mr Winter told us to layer up!  Everyone got on the bus and headed to Whitby Abbey. We learned lots of interesting facts about the Abbey, like Henry the VIII destroyed the roof of the Abbey. They found the courtyard in 1998 which was covered up by lots of soil. Later on we left the Abbey to go to Goathland ready for our walk. After our bus trip we had our lunch outside and got ready for our long walk. During our walk a sheep followed us down the path so funny!!! Our walk which seemed like a age was starting to get exciting as Mr Hattersley announced the polo mint challenge (Darcy-May won). Darcy said, “there were lots of lovely scenery to look at it was beautiful”). There was also a steam engine on the railway which went and came back. We headed back to Cober Hill for a chill and get changed for dinner. Dinner was spicy parsnip soup, pork and apple crumble. After that we are having a DVD and then bed.


Mrs Bentley

Last night, we did a quiz and Jake, Kyle, BenT Szymon all won the quiz. Then we did Cloughton Olympics and we came third.  It was great fun.  We enjoyed doing the skittles, target ball and throwing the bean bags into a box.  Mrs Wilson’s team unfortunately were the winners.

Today after another full English breakfast we headed to Whitby Abbey.  It was once owned by monks. We got to have a go with a toy crossbow at hitting a target, this was good fun.  We explored outside and looked at the remains of the abbey and saw the border of the old abbey which was smaller.

After this we went back on the bus and went to Goathland.  We had our lunch before doing the walk from Goathland to Grosmont where we were accompanied by Hollie’s Grandad.  He told us different things to look out for while walking.  We did the polo challenge which was great fun and exciting.  Mr Hattersley won and Darcy was second.  We saw a train yard where they were restoring steam trains and the train driver beeped his horn and waved at us as we watched him go.  At the end of the walk Hollie’s Grandad bought us all ice cream that was very generous of him and we all said thank you for his kindness.

We got back on the bus and came back to Cober Hill.  We’re about to watch Paddington 2 in our pj’s with popcorn and chill as we’re all very tired.


Day Four


Mr Winter

Today was one of the best days. The sun came out and it felt like Spring. We went to Robin Hoods Bay but the bus couldn’t drive down the narrow lanes so we had to walk all the way down the steep hill to the harbour. First we went rock pooling on the beach. The activity was great fun because we got to search all over the rocks looking for interesting creatures to put in our buckets. We found lots of Winkles, Driller Killers(snails which use an acid to burrow into Barnacles, cool), A few Hermit crabs and a very small baby crab.

We then went to the old coast guard station to learn all about fossils, what coast guards did hundreds of years ago (trying to catch smugglers who brought their goods up through tunnels and interlocking passages all through the village) and how the weather affects the cliffs and buildings.

Lunch was sat out in the sun and Mr Hattersley even bought us some chips which were delicious!

After that we explored the village finding different landmarks and learning a bit more about the history. Then it was time to leave! Which meant walking all the way back up the winding steep hill which was exhausting.

When we got back to Cober Hill we watched the rest of Paddington 2, which was a blast. Tonight is the big night when we take part in Cloughtons got talent. Tea now. Not long before we are back home. We can’t wait to see our parents and tell them all about this fabulous trip.

Our highlights of Cloughton:

Mia: Playing around on Scarborough beach and building sand castles.

Luke: Bemptom cliffs, because you got to find out about all these great seabirds.

Ben Jardine-Crane: Going to the Railway Museum and looking at all the old locomatives.

Lexi: The walk and Scarborough beach because they were really fun.

Charlie: I loved Robins Hood Bay because fun doing the rock pooling.

Jack: I liked Bemptom cliffs, especially watching all the seabirds gliding around the cliffs.

Mr Winter: Visiting such a beautiful part of the country and seeing the children in a more relaxed environment.


Mr Hatterseley

We started the day by writing the message to go into the wall in The Secret Garden. As always we had our delicious breakfast and then set out to Robin Hood’s Bay.

We were met there by Margaret and Jenny the National Trust guides. We split into two groups. One did the rock pooling first and the other learnt more about the area in The Coastguard Station. We had one hour doing this and then we swapped over. We learnt that the tide is affected by the moon’s gravitational pull.

The rock poolers went down to the beach with Margaret and they found some great things such as a Hermit Crab, Sea Slug (also known as a Sea Hare) and a Sea Urchin.

We wandered back to the Coast Guard Station and had our lunch outside on the terrace. Mr. Hattersley treated us to a box of chips for each group. After our fill we walked back to collect our map to carry out a village trail around the bay.

In the village we noticed some red fire plaques on the wall of a sea farers home and John Wesley’s house where he preached to the local citizens about the Methodist Church.

After the trail we climbed a very steep hill in the town to get back to our coach.

We boarded our bus and headed back to Cober Hill where we saw the end of Paddington 2. We were all excited to participate in the talent show called ‘The Cloughton Factor.’ Lucas is taking part as a comedian with Lochlan and Ola is taking part in a dance with Darcy.

At the night we will be packing ready to go home. We can’t wait to see our parents!!!

Highlight of the week for us all:

Hollie- The Goathland Walk

Szymon- Arriving at Cober Hill

Emmanuel – Bempton Cliffs

Lucas- Rock pooling at Robin Hood’s Bay

Ola- The Talent Show

Mr. Hattersley- The Goathland Walk and chips!


Mrs Wilson

Today we started off the day by having a delicious breakfast sausages, egg, bacon and toast. Later on we went to Robin Hood’s Bay. First we all split into two groups half went rock pooling and the other group went in the coastguard station. We walked onto the beach and the lady gave us a bucket each went exploring. Our group found a crab head and a claw, snails and a few hermit crabs. After that, we had our session in the coastguard station and learned lots of facts about how the moon changes how the sea goes in and out. The sun was shining so we had our lunch outside looking over the beach. Mr Hattersley bought everyone chips they were yummy!

All of us had a walk around Robin Hood’s Bay with a map to find things. The walk back up the hill was hard work and very tiring but lots of fun! Luckily Mrs Wilson made it to the top with Mrs Bentley on hand. The bus came around the corner and picked us up ready to go back to Cober Hill. When we got back we finished off the film from last night. It was chill time in our rooms and time to get ready for tea.

Highlight of the week!

Reo: I found a sea snail but it was a Hermit Crab.

Jake: I liked Robin Hood’s Bay because I like rock pooling.

Lochlan: Going down to the beach and making a dam.

Tia: Finding out who was in my room.

Darcy: I loved the long walk and the polo challenge.

Ana: Loved finding the answers for the quiz.

See you later Jake, Reo, Ana, Darcy, Tia, Lochlan & Mrs Wilson.


Mrs Bentley

Our meal last night was Parsnip soup which was spicy, pork dinner and apple crumble and custard.

After we had eaten we got in our pj’s and watched Paddington 2 which was really funny.  After, we went straight to bed as we was tired from the long walk.

Today we got up and we had cereal, then egg, bacon, sausage and toast.  After breakfast we headed to Robin Hoods Bay.  We did a quiz in the Coastguard station looking at all the facts around the room.  We went rock pooling.  We found crabs, lots of snails, a sea urchin, sea slug and a massive piece of seaweed.  It was very good and the weather was sunny and warm.  We had lunch overlooking the sea and Mr Hattersley bought us some chips that were very tasty.  We went on a walk around the village, following a map and looking for certain places that matched the pictures and got to learn lots about Robin Hoods Bay. It was a fun, tiring, sunny day.

When we got back we had a drink and a biscuit and finished watching Paddington 2.  After our evening meal tonight we will be having Cloughton Factor.

Our highlight from a week at Cloughton.

Kyle: Going to the beach and Bempton Cliffs to see the birds.

Ben T: Doing the walk from Goathland to Grosmont.

Mya: Scarborough beach.

Hannah: Scarborough beach.

William: Film night.

Toby: Robin Hoods Bay.


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