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Day 2

Miss Bramley's Group

Yesterday we explored the Deep and saw lots of sea creatures. Isaac said, “I loved the elevator because you could see all of the fish in the huge aquarium”.

Today, we woke up and had “the loveliest breakfast I’ve had in a long time” stated Ollie.P. We had cereal, toast and sausage, scrambled egg and tomato. We then got on the bus and drove to Whitby. We looked around the Whitby museum, which was full of many different things. Willis enjoyed looking at all of the model ships that had been built inside glass bottles. Ula liked finding out about ammonite fossils and even learning how to say the word. Harry’s favourite part was the taxidermy animals, getting up close to animals he hadn’t seen before. The whole group enjoyed finding out about the gruesome hand of glory, a severed hand of a hung man. Criminals and villains liked to keep these hands as souvenirs-how grose!

Next we spent a short time at the park, which had some great pieces of equipment. Amelia loved the giant seesaw roundabout and Isaac liked the spinning cup.

After the museum, we got on the bus and went to Goathland where we ate our lunch before our 3 mile walk. Nancy especially liked the walk for it’s polo challenge. Mr Hattersley challenged all of us to keep polos for as long they could without it breaking. Taylor beat Mr. Hattersley! The weather was perfect, it was very sunny. Ben enjoyed looking through his telescope at the rolling hills. The walk took us over hills and bridge and down steep steps.

We are all excited for tomorrow’s adventures, even if we are all a bit tired.

Blog again soon!



Mrs Barnard

A brilliant day of exploration and exercise!

The day started well with a delicious breakfast of scrambled egg, sausage and tomato; as well as cereal and toast.  Everybody was stuffed!

We wrote our postcards home then got on board the bus to travel to Whitby museum.

Tobias discovered that Narwals were real, Grace liked looking at the Victorian dolls, Oliver blagged his own guided tour, Tyler enjoyed the pirate ship models and we were all grossed out by the mummified ‘hand of glory’.

After the museum, we went to the Pannet Park play area, which was brilliant. Oliver climbed the highest on the pull up pole, Noa nearly made Mrs Barnard sick on the web swing and Lucy liked the bouncy see-saw.

Eric said “I really liked the pull up pole; it was hard work but I almost got there.”

Some sheep joined us for a picnic lunch at Goathland, and then we set off for our long walk to Grosmont.

It was tiring but fun at the same time. The sun shone, the birds sang and the river sparkled. About half way, Mr Hattersley challenged us to take part in the polo challenge. Who could keep it the longest in their mouth? Tobias tried to swallow his whole, Mrs Barnard’s disappeared after a few minutes, Elodie was doing well but couldn’t beat the school winner- Taylor!! Oliver spent the whole time chattering and Elodie thought her feet were going to drop off.

Tired and sore footed we got back on the bus to return to Cober Hill for a well deserved rest and a wash.

We wonder what’s on the menu for tea tonight? How will Team Barnard do in the mini Olympics later? Watch this space...

Mr Head

Wow what a day, yesterday we went to The Deep and we looked around the aquarium with all the cute clown fish . We learnt about different species of penguins in the sea lab. We also watched a diving show but we had to leave half way through the show so we got on the bus to leave for Cober Hill. We all got up at 7:30 and went for breakfast.

The breakfast was: cereals, toast and an English cooked breakfast! It was yummy! Then we went to the museum and it was great and then we went for a walk and went to an amazing park it was amazing!


Mr Hattersley

Day 1

We really enjoyed going to the deep and exploring what offers it would bring to us. Yesterday we saw lots of vibrant fish as well as two whopping swordfish, and many more.

Last night we went on a night walk to Cloughton Wyke we had to have torches to see in the dark. When we got down there we listened to the crashing waves in the darkness and we shouted out CHUTER EDE at the tops of our voices to the ships far out to sea. They replied with a flashing light.


Last night we hall had a good night’s sleep and were raring to go this morning. After breakfast we headed out to Whitby Museum. It sent a shiver down the spine as we saw the severed ‘Hand of Glory.’ We also viewed the fashions of Victorian Times by seeing the types of clothes they wore.

In the afternoon, after a delicious lunch of ham sandwiches crisps, chocolate and a Satsuma, we hiked down a very steep hill towards Grosmont. Along the way Taylor won the Polo mint challenge by sucking a complete polo for the longest time. It was great fun.

Finally we were very happy to see the bus at the other end so we could rest our legs and have a little nap. This evening we had a hot bath or shower and got ready for the evening meal which we hope will be brilliant!

So far we have had a great time and are looking forward to another adventure tomorrow.

Mrs Cross



Monday_The Deep

The Deep was a great experience as we learned a lot of facts about fish and other crazy sea creatures. I think the best part was the lift because it was see though and it was like we were touching fish. We also think the penguins were awesome because they were doing the mannequin challenge, they were really still because they had just eaten.

Tuesday_ Whitby

We went to Whitby museum and we found out lots of facts about the olden days. Noah found out that their once was a hand to tell if their were people living in a house or not. Also, there were some really cool Samurai swords.

Mr Lile

When I got on the bus I felt nervous and excited. When we went to The Deep we saw some divers go in the tank .In the penguin area a bit of the wall was real ice.


I loved the sharks and fish we even saw turtles and sting rays it was amazing. I think the best part was when we saw a chainsaw fish it was so cool because it looked like someone had literally strapped a chainsaw to its nose. After we had dinner we got on the coach to go to Cober Hill. Once we have had arrived at Cober Hill we checked out or rooms and explored the place [it was fun.]

Miss Mackinder

Day 1

Yesterday we arrived at school to go to Cloughton on the bus. On the way there we went to The Deep. Grace says ‘my favourite part was when there was a dome all around us with fish swimming. You could see the fish swimming above you!’

Joseph – ‘I really liked the diving part’.

Harley – ‘I really liked the lift!’

Krystian- ‘I like the jellyfish!’

Faith – ‘my favourite part was the ice tunnel’

Saffron – ‘I loved seeing the divers’.

Charlie- Marie ‘I liked when we went in the lift and we saw a swordfish’

After the deep we returned to the bus to continue our journey to Cloughton. Everyone arrived happy and safe. We went into the hall and had a biscuit and a drink and found out who was in our rooms – we were all very excited. Then we went into our rooms to unpack our things. The teachers knocked on our doors to fetch us for tea. ‘It was delicious! Especially the dessert’ – Grace

After dinner we went on the night walk. ‘We saw sea!’ – Faith. ‘We could hear the sounds of the waves and on the way back we turned our torches off and walked in complete darkness’ – Charlie Marie.

Day 2

We were woken up by our teachers at 7.30am after a good night’s sleep. We thought the beds were very comfy. We went to the big hall after getting ready and wrote a post card to home. Mr Hattersley and Mr Head checked our rooms- Charlie Marie’s room was a ‘oopsy daisy’ but Faith’s room won today. After that we tucked into our delicious breakfast. ‘We had cereal and toast’ – Faith. ‘It was a cooked breakfast’ – Joseph. ‘The cocoa pops were really nice’ – Krystian ‘It was yummy’ – Harley

After that we collected our bags with our lunch in and got ready to go out to our first activity. We travelled on the bus to the Whitby museum. Krystian was very excited and found some old pocket watches. We thought the ‘hand of glory’ was gruesome! We enjoyed looking at all the stuffed animals, muskets and ship models. Harley loved the dinosaur and alligator fossils- they were really impressive.

When we had seen everything at the museum we had some time on the park. ‘It was full of amazing activities!’ – Saffron

‘It had a hammock, which me and my friends couldn’t get off’ – Grace

Harley played hide and seek and we all enjoyed some fresh air before returning to the bus to travel to Gothland. On the way we went over a bridge and saw where Harry Potter was filmed! When we arrived the sun had come out for us and we were able to sit outside on the grass to eat our lunch. We had some sheep visitors – but they weren’t interested in our food! After fuelling up we set off on a massive walk to a place called Grosmont. It was 3 miles long. Charlie-Marie fell over not once, but twice! The first time it was because she was so excited we had achieved 10,000 steps on Miss Mackinder’s fitbit. The second time was because she tripped over a rock. She survived both tumbles. We also did the polo challenge. Grace was first to get out – she couldn’t help but swallow it! Everyone else managed a little longer. We ended our walk on a hill ‘we enjoyed the beautiful view looking over Gothland’ – Faith.

Miss Mackinder J


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