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Day 3

Miss Bramley's group


Last night, we did a mini Olympics with 6 activities involved. Mrs Barnard`s group came 1st and our group came 2nd - 1 point behind the winners. We also did a quiz with a bonus flag round, the Quizard Wizards (Ollie.P, Isaac, Joshua and Tyler) came first.

Today we woke up again at 7.30 and went for breakfast. This morning we had: cereal, toast and a cooked breakfast of bacon, eggs and beans. We then went to Robin Hoods Bay. We had 3 activities: rock pooling, a walk round the Village and a quiz about sea life and erosion. When we were rock pooling, we found a crab that had lost 2 legs and a pincer. We were amazed to find out that the crab could possibly grow them back. We also found out about “driller killers”, sea snails that spit acid and eat limpets.


Our highlights of the day

Amelia- I really liked going rock pooling because we got to learn about things we hadn’t seen before and rummage through all of the rocks.

Willis- I liked the village walk because I liked finding all of the buildings that matched to the pictures.

Harry- I enjoyed the Old Coastguard Station where they had a wind tunnel and you could make a hurricane.

Ollie.P- My favourite thing today was the walk because it was really nice weather and I liked finding out about all of the buildings.

Ula- I loved rock pooling because I found a hermit crab!

Isaac- My favourite part of Cloughton so far was the walk around the village because even though we got lost a few times, I enjoyed seeing all of the old buildings.

Nancy- Personally, I thought that the village walk was really nice because the atmosphere felt different to what it is like at home.

Ben- I enjoyed eating our lunch looking over the sea.

We all loved eating chips!!!

We are looking forward to the movie tonight (the BFG) and Bempton cliffs tomorrow.

Mrs Barnard's group


Yesterday we did 17,462 steps it was tiring. Last night, team Barnard won the mini Olympics we won with  154 points . Our team name was the Whitby Warriors. 

Today we went to Robin Hood’s Bay. We all enjoyed the rock pooling but got very tired climbing up the stairs and hill. We learnt about the tides, fossils, erosion, sea levels and about houses dropping off the cliff!

In the rock pools we found: hermit crabs, some fossils, shells, sea snails and a dead crab. Noa found ten hermit crabs and Tobias found twenty seven. Mrs Barnard found an anemone- it can paralyse a fish but it does no harm to humans. After, we went to the park where Tyler saw the biggest slide he has seen.

Our daily highlights:                                                       

Elodie - “I liked rock pooling, I thought it was fun.”

Oliver- “I enjoyed going in the Secret garden and playing tig.”

Noa- “I liked sharing the chips with the teachers.”

Lucy – “I enjoyed rock pooling because it was my first time.”

Eric- “I liked playing in the park because Mr Hattersley was hilarious!”

Tyler – “I really liked going around the village and spotting things.”

Tobias- “I enjoyed learning about everything today.”

Grace D – “I enjoyed the rock pooling and catching all the hermit crabs.”

Tonight we are watching a film. Hope we don’t fall asleep!

Mr Head/ Ms Spurr


Last night we did some mini Olympics and it was really fun. We did throwing a bean bag, goal kick and more fun activities. This morning we went for breakfast and we had: Beans, Bacon, Egg, Toast and cereals. Very tasty! We really enjoyed breakfast and then after breakfast we went to the beautiful Robin Hood bay. We had the chance to go rock pooling and a walk through Robin Hood’s bay’s history. We caught crabs, snails and lots of different shells and creatures. Then we went to the park where we sat and relaxed for a little while. Next we got on the coach for about 45 minutes and chilled out some more. We had a lot of fun today and we are thrilled that we now have Miss Spurr as our leader. We are hoping to have lots more fun in the following days that we have to come.

Quotes of the day

Kaitlin : I really enjoyed the park and  being with my friends.


Joseph F : I really  liked rock pooling because I collected the most that’s  all from me .


Amilie O : My favourite part was the mini quiz we had last night because me and my group put Boogaloo for the question ‘what was the bears name in the jungle book?’

Niamh : My favourite part was the mini Olympics because I scored 9/9 in the standing long jump.


Ryan:My favourite bit was the Mini Olympics.

Mr Hattersley's Group


After a good night’s sleep, we were lively to go in the morning ready to go to Robin Hoods Bay. For breakfast there was coco pops, bacon beans and fried egg also, toast.

After a delicious breakfast, we set off to Robin Hoods Bay. At Robin hood`s bay, we went rock pooling and we caught hermit crabs, some normal crabs, sea snails and Arlen found a very big shore crab, even though, it was dead. After we went rock pooling, we went on a huge tour around Robin Hood`s Bay.

When we got back, we went into the Secret Garden to play some games which were sharks and fishes and King sea, Queen sea, Prince sea and Princess sea.

Tonight, everyone is so excited for the movie, which is the BFG.

Courtney: Today I really enjoyed spending time with my friends and going to the park and playing!

Evie: I really enjoyed the rock pooling even though I didn`t catch many.

Alex: I liked walking up the hill because I like hiking steep hills, I’m looking forward to tea. HAPPY BIRTHDAY RHYS!

Arlen: I am very happy that we did rock pooling today because I like sea creatures they make me shiver, but its fun - I found the biggest.

Molly: I really enjoyed rock pooling and going to Robin hoods bay .

Libby: I loved the rock pooling.

Taylor: My favourite part was the rock pooling because I saw loads of cool sea creatures!

Josh: I really enjoyed rock pooling because I like adventuring .

Miss Mackinder's Group


Today we went on an amazing trip to Robin Hoods Bay. First we travelled down the hill to the old coastguard station. Then we found out what activity we were going to do. Our group’s first activity was doing a quiz which we had to read some facts on the walls to get the answer. Next we went rock pooling and we got a bucket to fill and collect creatures. Then we had lunch. Mr Hattersley very kindly bought us some chips at lunch time to go with our sandwiches.  After lunch we went on a photo walk trail around Robin Hood’s Bay. We found out lots of facts about the history of the town.  It was mostly filled with fishermen and traders. A lot of people drowned at sea in the past. Their families made sure they wore special named jumpers so they could be identified.

When we got back we went into the secret garden and played a few games. We went on this massive slide and so did the teachers! Miss Mackinder and Mrs Barnard had a collision and they both fell on the floor. Miss Mackinder still has mud in her ear!

Our best parts of the day

Joseph- ‘I really liked the rock pooling because I found a giant crab that I actually picked up’

Saffron- ‘I really liked the walk around Robin Hood’s Bay because it was sunny’

Harley – ‘I liked doing the quiz inside and finding out about the area’

Grace – ‘My favourite part was doing the walk because I found out interesting facts about the town’

Charlie-Marie – ‘I liked playing with the learning gadgets that were inside the Old Coastguard station’

Krystian – ‘I liked the museum part in the Old Coastguard Station because it was fun’

Miss Mackinder – ‘I liked the walk around Robin Hood’s Bay – especially the sunshine’

Mrs Cross' Group


On Wednesday, we went to Robin Hood’s bay, and we had a great time. We went rock pooling, we caught all kinds of creatures like hermit crabs and slugs. After rock pooling, we went around the village of Robin hoods bay and it was interesting.


Highlights of the day

Daisy : I loved all of Robin hoods bay.

Faith.H: I loved lunch because we got chippies. Also I loved the shop and the old coast guard because there were fun games to play on.

Marcie: I liked the rock pooling because I caught lots of hermit crabs and shells with snails.

Phoebe: I loved the rock pooling because we went to explore the sea creatures and got to pick them up into our bucket. Also I enjoyed the food!

Ollie B: I really loved everything at Robin Hood’s bay. When my group, Mr Hattersley and Mr Lille’s group did the walk round the village, I wasn’t into it at first but then I got into it.

Noah W: My favourite part was when our group went rock pooling. I wasn’t scared of the crabs!

George: My favourite part was the rock pooling because, I caught loads of snails and crabs.



Mr Lile's Group 


Today was a great day, we went to the park and played in the secret garden. We also went to the beach. We also went to do some rock pooling and found some crabs and hermit crabs. Someone caught a huge crab, but it was sadly dead. We had lots of fun. Mr Hattersley bought all of us some chips in our groups.

When we went to the park, all of the teachers went on the slide. The teachers kept us busy all day but we loved it. We all went to the shop and bought something exciting. Yesterday we did mini Olympics an the winners were Whitby Warriors (Mrs Barnard’s group), second place was Olympian blend (Miss Bramley’s group) and in third place were the Awesome’s (Mr Lile’s group) and the sizzling sausages (Mr Hattersley’s group).

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