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Day 4

Day 4 Whole Group blog!


Today we're doing a whole group blog because lots of people are either busy practising for tonight's talent show or writing a letter to hide in the secret hiding place in the garden. 


Last night we watched the BFG, well half of it, because we had a bit of a job finding the speakers, luckily Ben came to the rescue with his double ended headphone wire! It started to get a bit late so we decided to turn in for the night.


Breakfast was as tasty as ever, Noah has discovered he loves apricot jam (stock up Mum!) 


After that we went to Bempton cliffs. We chatted to Kerry who works for the RSPB about birds and habitats. Using our binoculars we went out onto the viewing platform to spot gannets, fulmars, jackdaws and gulls. We even saw puffins!

Did you know an albatross' wingspan is the equivalent of 8/9 of us lined up?

Facts we learnt included: the height of the cliff equals 27 double decker buses, an owl has uneven ears, owls eyes adapt to match when they hunt, owls have hidden ears beneath their fur, a gannet has a protective layer on his head so it doesn't crack when it hits water, gannets have a double eyelid....we could go on and on!


Then we travelled to Scarborough and settled on the beach for lunch, games and paddling. Highlights included: football on the sand, drawing faces, skimming stones, gymnastics on the beach, building moats, losing rubber balls in the sea, jumping waves. Apart from getting sand in our shoes, we all loved it!


When we got back to Cober Hill, we watched the end of the BFG then started our packing.

So, what delights will be in store in tonight's talent show? What will be on the menu for dinner tonight? (rumour has it it's fish n chips) Will Harry talk in his sleep again tonight? All will be revealed tomorrow! 


Everyone's looking forward to seeing everyone tomorrow xx


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