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Hi guys!! My name is Evie and I am a digital leader. To be a digital leader, you have to know lots on computers, and how to fix most things. Sometimes you might need to help other people fix there laptops or how to get something up onto their screen. So far, digital leaders have done 2 events, and both of them have been a sucsess: The Halloween Disco and the Christmas Fayre.


At the Halloween disco we took pictures, videos and at some point throughout the party, we interviewed some children and everyone said how good it was. After that, the digital leaders went behind the refreshments table and watched back what we had already taken. On some of the videos, we turned the settings to slow motion. Then, when we looked back at the slow motion ones, they looked fantastic. And let’s just say a few of them were funny!!!


Also, I said that we were at the Christmas Fayre, and we were. At the Christmas Fayre all the digital leaders were selling and making keyrings. They all turned out great! It was quite a small keyring, but you could still cleary see the child’s head and the background they choose. We raised around £100, and we were all really happy about that! And all that money went towards new things at school.

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