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Mrs Sheldon

Hello everybody!


What a different time it is for us all, we miss seeing you and hope you and your families are keeping safe and well. We have enjoyed receiving your emails and hearing some of you on the phone when we have called.

Whilst we have been apart we have been enjoying spending time with our family and pets; Mrs Lee with Gail, her faithful dog and Mrs Sheldon with Puss Puss, her family cat.

Garden projects have been on the agenda with our husbands.  Mr Lee digging up large bushes and Mr Sheldon planning to construct a brick BBQ!  We have so enjoyed seeing your garden projects and the mysterious plants you have created via email.  It is lovely to know that you are managing to have fun playing, doing and learning. We are so looking forward to the time when you can tell us directly.

Well, in the meantime we thought it would be fun to give you a riddle or two to think about, so here goes:-


  1. I am an odd number.

      Take away a letter and I become even. 

       What number am I?




  1.    I have legs

Yet I can’t walk


I have a straight back

Yet I can’t stand


I have a seat

Yet I can’t sit

           What am I?


Do you have any riddles to share?


Mrs Sheldon and Mrs Lee x                                        riahc .2    neves  .1

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