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Mrs Lebeter



I hope you are well - I’m really missing you all! 

Thank you to all those who have been emailing some of their work and sending some pictures.  We’ve been so impressed with how hard you have been working. 


Although I’m missing teaching our year 3 class, I’ve been enjoying getting the opportunity to home-school my own two children!  Zara is in reception so I have been doing lots of phonics and work based on ‘Jack and the Beanstalk’ and Theo is in Year 3 so I feel right at home!  

We’ve been going on lots of walks and bike rides.  Zara can now ride her bike! Theo has been doing various activities so that he can gain some badges for Cubs.  Have any of you been doing any work towards gaining a badge for Cubs or Brownies?  


I love gardening so I feel lucky that we’ve had such lovely weather.  I have spent a lot of time in the garden, planting seeds and some new plants.  Have you been growing anything?  Theo has been helping me to regularly feed the birds, too. 


Lockdown has given us the chance to create some new garden games such as garden bench tennis!  We’ve also discovered boules to be a family favourite game! 

I have also become addicted to completing 1000 piece jigsaws and I am on jigsaw number 7! 

Have you taken up new hobbies or discovered any new games? 


Stay safe, 

Mrs Lebeter laugh x  


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