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Guidance about opening on Monday- some main messages...

The guidance tells us the following:-

Your son/daughter will not come to school if:

You are not classed as a key worker

You are classed as a key worker, but there is another responsible adult in your household that is not a key worker


Your son/daughter will be allowed to come to school if:

You are an identified key worker and you are also a single parent

You are an identified key worker and there is no other responsible adult available (who is not a key worker) to care for your child


There are also a number of other students who are entitled to still access school from Monday onwards and the parent/carer(s) of these students will be contacted in due course.


For your information, a key worker is classed as one of the following:


NHS worker

Teachers and support staff

Police and community support officers

Frontline civilian police staff

Prison officers and staff

Probation officers and trainee probation officers

LA officers and LA/NHS social workers

Uniformed staff in fire and rescue services

Armed forces personnel and some civilian MOD personnel (Clinical staff, MOD police, uniformed fire and defence) and some discharged personnel

Highway agency traffic staff

LA environmental health officers/practitioners

Care workers

Food/supermarket drivers and other workers


Please note, the guidance also states that any parent working in these sectors who are able to stay at home on all or some of the days should do so. And every child who can be at home, should be - “If it is at all possible for children to be at home, then they should be.”


We are working flat out to give the care and provision to the right children. Some Chuter Ede staff and their own children are already showing symptoms of Covid19 and are self isolating. The least children who need to come to school, the better, so that we can continue to stay open to offer the provision to those who absolutely need it. These are extreme times so please think of us and think of others. The whole reason for school shutting is to minimise the spread of this awful virus that is already proving to bring the very best out in people but also, sadly at times, the very worst in others.


We will be requiring evidence/ID that you work in these sectors and if at all possible, evidence that you will be at work on the days you say you are.


We are committed to opening the school to those who genuinely need it.

Stay safe everyone.

More details will follow regarding Monday’s opening after we have looked at the survey and sorted numbers and confirmed staffing. 💚💛

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