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Key Worker Parents Information

FAO Key Worker Parents

I’m sure you’re aware that the latest government guidance advises schools to look to begin a phased re-opening from June 1st.  This will mean that, in addition to the ongoing provision for children of key workers, school will be open for children in Foundation, Year 1 and Year 6.  This change will raise issues and have implications for key worker children:

Group size

Guidelines now limit the number of children in a classroom to 15.


The logistics of opening school for the additional children identified by the government and the associated social distancing measures involved with this, results in one classroom being available for key worker children, on each site.  This puts our capacity at 15 key worker children per site on each day. 

Group location

Fernwood – Key worker children will use Mrs Owen’s year 4 classroom.


Balderton – Key worker children will use Mrs Good and Mrs Palethorpe’s year 2 classroom.


Fernwood – Children will be greeted at the playground gate at 8.45am and will be dismissed from the same gate at 3pm.


Balderton – Children will be greeted at a given point possibly in the school car park at 8.45 am and will be dismissed at 3.15pm safely and in the same area. We plan for Keyworker parents to enter the car park for drop off and collection. You will be given further details of this as we think things through.


Arrival and collection times will need to be adhered to closely, as each group in school will be allocated their own start and finish times.  By staggering the day, we aim to avoid large groups of people gathering at key drop off times.


School uniform will be required from Monday 8th June.  Trainers or school shoes may be worn.


Staff  have been allocated to work with each group in school.  Staff will remain with their group and, where possible, will not mix with children and staff from another group.  Your child will see the same team of staff when they are in school.


Staff will continue to set work for children on the home learning pages of the school website.  Staff who work with key worker children in school will access this work.  You can choose to send your child with work that you would like them to focus on next, or you can leave it to staff in school to work with your child and select areas of focus.  The choice is yours!

Children in F, Y1 and Y2

Some key worker children are in Foundation, Year 1 and Year 6.  Where this is the case, the children can choose to arrive at the designated key worker time, or the time allocated for their year group – whichever is the most convenient.  On arrival the children will make their way to their year group room, where they will be met by a member of staff.


At the end of the day, collection can be arranged in line with key worker, or year group arrangements.  Again, this can be chosen to suit you; however we would ask that you indicate your preference to enable us to have your child in the correct place at the correct time.


Some of our key worker children have been attending in sibling groups.  In some instances one sibling is in F, Y1 or Y6, whilst the other is in Y2, Y3, Y4 or Y5. 


In this instance provision for the F, Y1 and Y6 children will be available daily.

Provision for key worker children in Y2, Y3, Y4 and Y5 will continue to be available for the days worked by key worker parents.


We anticipate being able to offer a lunch for all children in school.  Further information about this will be shared closer to June 1st.  Universal free school meals will be available for those in Foundation and Year 1.  Free school meals will be available to those who qualify. 

Personal equipment

Children will be asked to bring a water bottle into school each day.  This will go home and be washed each evening.

We also ask that children bring a pencil case to school, and only use their own pens and pencils.  This is to avoid the need to share equipment and thus reduce the risk of cross contamination.

Outdoor space

Will be sectioned off and timetabled to ensure that groups do not share outdoor space.  During school closure to date, time outdoors has been a key feature of the day.  This time will be significantly reduced when more children return.  The children may need preparing for this change!

Information for the parents of children in Foundation, Year 1 and Year 6 has been posted on the school website.  As key workers, some of this information may be of interest to you.  It details some of the practical arrangements that will need to be in place in order to safely accommodate the increase in pupil and staff numbers on site.

As always, please contact Mrs Hunter or Mrs Revill if you have any questions or concerns which have not been addressed.

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