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Sports Clubs Aut1 (starting wb: 9th Sept 2019)

Monday - Y5/6 Playleaders (Balderton)

             - Y5/6 Girls' football (Fernwood)


Tuesday - Y4/5/6 Cross country (Balderton)

               - Y5/6 Tag rugby (Balderton)

               - Y5/6 Football (Fernwood)

               - Y5/6 Netball (Fernwood)


Wednesday - Y5/6 Hockey (both sites)

                    - Y5/6 Tag rugby (Fernwood)


Thursday - Y5/6 Football (Balderton)

               - Y5/6 Netball (Balderton)


Friday - Y5/6 Girls' football (Balderton)

           - Y5/6 Cross country (Fernwood)

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