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​Friday 11/3/16
We woke up, finished packing our bags and emptied our rooms.  We hope all the children have everything they came with! 

We enjoyed our three course breakfast (Cereal, full English and toast), before returning to check the last few bits in the Rowntree Centre.

We boarded the bus and are now headed for Eden Camp.  The ex-POW camp is an excellent introduction to our next topic about Newark in the war.  We will look around the exhibits and enjoy the puppet show. 

Our final stop on the way home will be the Humber bridge.  This will help us with our Science and technology week next week when we will be building and designing bridges.

See you all soon...




Thursday 10/3/16


We woke up to rain again this morning but by breakfast it had stopped before we walked round for our breakfast.  The children have decided they would like a full cooked breakfast every day a Home!.


We have been looking forward to today’s trip, as Robin Hood’s bay is a personal favourite of the staff.  It is a beautiful little fishing village nestles at the bottom of a steep bay.  It is a traditional village that has been unchanged for hundreds of years.  You cannot drive into the village itself, but have to park at the top and walk down.

We split into three groups for the day.  One group was in the coastguard station looking at the museum and large aquarium tank, One was taking a tour of the historical village and the last was our combing the rock pools for sea creatures.

The old coastguard station has a fantastic tank full of crabs and prawns, It also explains why the tides come up so high in the bay.  In the rock pools we found lots of creatures, including hermit crabs, periwinkles and limpets.  We were a bit sad to find a crab that had been half eaten by a gull.  The village tour was interesting.  We learned that the houses had a outside room opposite the house instead of a garden.  This is because the village is small and space is at a premium.

After a Fish and chip tea, we set up for “Cloughton’s got the X-Factor”.  Some children practised while others did the quiz.  Buxton Army were the winners of the quiz with a massive 35 points out of 40.

For the Talent show we had some guest judges, Simon Growl, Mad Donna, Boy Gorge and slim.

All of the acts were fantastic, but the eventual winners were Cody and Tommy-Lee.  It was the firt time we have had a joint winner.

Wednesday 9/3/16


It was a bit of a wet one today!  We woke up to heavy rain, but we knew we wouldn't let that stop us having fun. 

After another epic three course breakfast we headed back to our rooms to prepare our things for the day ahead.  We needed to pack lots of layers ready for our walk later on. 

Things packed, we headed for our first stop, Whitby museum.  the museum is a treasure trove of artefacts including fossils, jet, stuffed animals, models of ships, items from Captain Cook's travels and even a preserved human hand!  We loved learning about all the items.  We especially liked the old fashioned coins.

We hopped back onto the bus for the short trip across the moors to Goathland. For those of you who do not know Goathand, it is the setting for the Heartbeat TV show.  It is also the stand in for Hogwarts train station.  We saw the bridge where Hagrid stands to wave to Harry. 

After eating our pack ups on the bus we layered up and ventured out into the rain...

The rain was heavy! but we all had our waterproofs on so it was ok.  We set off to start our three mile walk along the old cinder track.  Sadly we couldn't go across the stepping stones this year because the water level was too high and it wouldn't have been safe.  We followed the path along side the river and then by the steam train line.  We saw all of the carriages waiting to carry the passengers during the summer months.  Once we finally got back to the bus we had to sit on bags because we were a bit soggy.

We got back to Cober Hill, showered and changed so we were warm again.  We then tucked into out dinner which was Minestrone soup followed by lasagne, chips and salad.  For pudding it was Strawberry mouse with cream and a flake on top. 

We are now all sat in our onesies and pjs watching a movie (not the teachers!  We are not that brave!)

Tomorrow is Robin Hood's bay.

Tuesday 8/3/16


After a good night's sleep, we woke at 7.30 ready for another activity filled day. A choice of cereal, toast and cooked breakfast fuelled the troops, before we boarded the bus and headed to the Scarborough Sea Life Centre. 


We had a fantastic time at the Sea Life Centre, where we saw rays, jelly fish, turtles and some of us watched the seals being fed. 


After lunch, we made our way to Bempton cliffs. We wrapped up warm and braved the cold sea air and the thick, thick mud! Using binoculars we scoured the cliffs, we learnt all about the sea birds that live here on the North Yorkshire coast. We learnt all about the way that they live, their food chains and even their defence mechanisms. Lots of tired faces then poured onto the bus in just their socks and we went back to Cober Hill. 

The children then had time to relax in their rooms and have a shower or bath before dinner (which we hope most of them did!) Dinner was a delicious roast turkey, with roast potatoes and vegetables. The treacle sponge dessert went down a treat!  

After dinner, we all blogged, tweeted and made videos while the staff set up the infamous Cloughton olympics. We competed in activities including long jump, bucket ball, target ball and skittles. 


After all of this excitement, it was finally time for bed :)


We are looking forward to Wednesday's adventures!


Miss Bramley


Monday 8/3/16

We set off from school at about 8.30am headed for the Yorkshire coast. 


Our first stop was the historic City of York.  We decided to stop here because it was the Viking capital of the Danelaw.  As we had been learning about the Vikings last term we knew all about it, but the fantastic staff at the dig could tell us even more!

We had a dig in the pretend ground and found some artefacts.  Some were Victorian, Viking, Medieval and even Roman.


After a tea of sweet and sour chicken we headed out on our night walk. 


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