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Keeping Safe in Summer

Week beginning 22/6/20

We have loved learning about summer and doing lots of summer crafts. We hope you have too!

This week we are going to be looking at keeping safe in summer and what things we can do to keep us safe in the sun and in water. There are lots of activities so choose which ones you would like to do and please send us and pictures you would like to show us :)

Here are a few short clips about sun safety and keeping safe during the summer.

We are going to be talking a lot about how we can keep safe this week. Here are a few activities you could do:

  • Talk about how they can keep safe in the sun or near the water. What do they already know or remember about sun safety?
  • Make a sun safety poster with ways to keep safe- e.g. sunglasses, hat, sun cream, shade, armbands, lifeguards (near the water), staying out of the sun during 11am-3pm- the hotter periods of the day.
  • Make a list of things you need to keep you safe.
  • Pack a suitcase of things you would take on holiday to keep you safe- use pictures, magazines or draw them.
  • Go on a shade hunt outside and talk about what shade it- leads very well onto some fun shadow activities.


Shadow activities

Summer Craft Activities for this half term


We are revisiting cvc words and learning phase 3 sounds. These daily lessons are a great way to revise and learn sounds and apply them in both reading and writing. If you haven't looked at these yet, you can catch up on the previous lessons on the YouTube channel.


We have also uploaded the full set of key words and a key words game which is on the Phonics page


White Rose Maths are still providing daily maths lessons for you to do at home. The links can be found below.

We are also going to be looking at cdoublign and shapes

  • Going on a 2d or 3d shape hunt
  • doubling using a variety of objects- inside and outside (including sticks, leaves, flowers)
  • Roll a dice and double it- you could count, draw it or paint it
  • You could use a paper template like a butterfly or ladybird to help work out the answers or draw it on the floor using chalk outside
  • learning double facts
  • interactive games
  • Double a number and write the number sentence up to 20. e.g. double 5, 5+5=10
  • Double using
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