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Summer- Seasonal changes

This week we are going to be looking at the season summer, what we know about it and what changes happen in this season.


We are going to be going outside and observing changes and watching videos or clips to see changes over a long period of time. You could go for a walk or looking your garden to talk about the signs of Summer and what you can see. This can create lots of great discussion about what is different in summer than other seasons and what might stay the same.


Ideas for writing:

  • You could write a list of things you can see outside.
  • Find the signs of summer, draw them and label them.
  • Write sentences about what you can see and the changes

Craft activities-

This week in maths we are going to be doing lots of adding and making numbers in different ways. 

Go outside and find leaves and flowers and count how many you have altogether. Could you write an addition  number sentence to go with it? e.g. 7 + 6 = 13

You could also use objects in your house.

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