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Week 3 and 4- Plants and Recycling

Week 4- w/c 18/5/20


This week we have added some more activities about plants:

  • life cycles of beans, sunflowers and plants
  • flower art


We are also thinking about our environment this week and looking after it. One way is by recycling. We have included some links and activities you could do at home as well as a Twinkl story about looking after our environment called 'The Messy Magpie' with related activities.

You can look at recycling in your own house/garden and find out what happens, including the different types of recycling we have in our homes (different colour bins) or nearby ans signs you can find on packaging. You could even make a list of things that you had recycled and things you have put in the bin. 


Have a look and see which activities you would like to do smiley



This week we have uploaded a variety of activities related to plants, please have a look and see which ones you would like to do 


Activities include:

  • Gardening tips and ideas
  • Whats Plants need to grow
  • Parts of a plant
  • Writing a bean/plant diary
  • Growing beans or other plants
  • Counting beans
  • Measuring plants


We have also added a range of maths activities.

In school we have learnt how to count in 2s and have been beginning to count in 5s and 10s, why not have a go at these at home! You can also find lots of coutning in 2s, 5s and 10s on YouTube too.


We will be adding more activities and continuing with these next week.


Enjoy! smiley

Links to books, activities, tips and ideas about gardening and growing plants, vegetables and herbs:

Grow your bean in a clear bag/cup to see how a plant grows and other growing activities

Fruit and Vegetable Sorting Activity. You could also talk about and find where different types of fruit and vegetables grow.

Mini beast and Plant Hunts, great fun for all!

Create your own recycling station at home to sort out different materials and objects

Create your own recycling station at home to sort out different materials and objects 1

'The Messy Magpie'- Twinkl story about looking after our environment and activities to go with it (more activities can be found on Twinkl)

Leaf Printing Activity

Leaf Printing Activity 1

Flower Art- symmetry drawing- drawing the other half of the flower (a great opportunity to talk about the concept 'half'), colouring/painting and using natural objects to make a picture.

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