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Year 5

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A copy of the poster to colour

75th anniversary of VE Day

75th anniversary of VE Day 1

Hi! Anybody got any plans for celebrating the VE Day 75th anniversary tomorrow? Hopefully you've all been learning about various aspects of WW2 and are enjoying exploring this fascinating topic. Do you know what VE Day was?

We'd love to see some of your work from home or any pictures of you celebrating tomorrow. Just send them to our Year 5 email address and we'll pop them on this page. If your parents don't want your face on the web page make sure your picture doesn't have you in it!

Enjoy what should be a sunny bank holiday and we'll see you all soon. blush


The Y5 Team x

Hello Year 5! Hope you had a lovely Easter, lots of eggs no doubt! Wasn't the weather brilliant?

For the Summer term the whole school is learning about VE Day to mark the anniversary coming up soon. This is great for us in year 5 as our Summer topic is World War 2 anyway!

There are ideas on the VE Day star on the Home learning page and also on our weekly overview which you can find below. 

We'd love to see what you come up with for the project- send us a picture or hang onto it and bring it into school with you when we eventually return.

We are hoping that each week one of us is going to be able to read a chapter of Goodnight Mr Tom for you to listen to. There will be follow up ideas based on this to do in your reading logs. Fingers crossed we can upload large audio files successfully! Watch this space. 

You can get in touch with us on the email (even if you just want to say hi)

We're also going to be giving you a ring at home over the next few weeks; we're all looking forward to that! smiley

Keep enjoying the outdoors, stay safe and we'll see you all soon. x

Week 6- Half term challenge!

Still image for this video
Watch 'What Teachers Wear in Bed!' by Brian Moses.
Your challenge is to write your own teacher poem. It can be as long or as short as you like, maybe it will rhyme, maybe it won't?
Send them to us on the email, we'd love to see what you can come up with! 😊

Week 2 Home Learning

Reading - Goodnight Mr Tom by Michelle Magorian

Reading - Goodnight Mr Tom by Michelle Magorian 1

Chapter 1

What are your first impressions of Willie and Tom?
Why do you think Willie has bruises on his legs? How do you know?

Chapter 2

After listening: Do you think Tom is kind? Explain your answer
Why does Tom think he shouldn't get fond of the boy?
Predict what you think life might hold next for Tom and Willie

Chapter 3

Listen to this chapter, then open the Word document and discuss.

Goodnight Mr Tom Ch.4

When you've listened, have a go at these questions...
What does Tom throw to Willie in the back of the cart? Why did he do this?
What sort of shop do you think a drapers is? Why?
What does the final sentence tell the reader about what might happen next in the story?

Chapter 5

After you've listened to the chapter, draw a picture in your reading log of the shelter they build in Mr Tom's garden.
What sort of shelter is it?
Add any other information you know about that sort of shelter.

Chapter 6

Listen to this chapter and see if you can sketch a picture of what you think Zach looks like. There's a word document with the text from the story to also refer to, share your sketches with us on the Year 5 home learning email, we'd love to see them and hear from you all.

Zach's description from Chapter 6

Chapter 7

After listening make a list in your log of everything Willie enjoyed that day. Was he surprised that he'd enjoyed himself?
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