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Autumn Term


Where would you choose to live - Ancient Egypt or Ancient Greece?

A history focus this term studying two ancient civilisations. We will be looking at important geographical and historical features of the period/place as well as what life would have been like for the Ancient Egyptians and comparing this to the life of the Ancient Greeks.  We will be making some jewellery and art inspired by the Egyptians, and listening to World music and having a Greek day. The homework projects will be to research Ancient Egyptian Gods and then later in the term to create a game based on your knowledge of the Ancient Greek culture.

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In the first term, we had online singing tutorials from David Grant and learned to sing Heroes of Troy.  Have a go at home here:


After Christmas, we listened to Prokofiev's Peter and the Wolf.  We learned about different orchestral instruments and identified recurring themes in the music.  Find a fantastic version here:


Computing - Children in Need

We have been exploring the Children in Need website in our computing lessons.  We looked at how to copy a link to one of the pages, on our own website.  Let's see if it has worked!



If you would like to find out more, visit the brilliant BBC site and explore: 

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