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Year 3

Welcome to Year 3

In Year 3, we have three classes - one based at the Fernwood site and two in Balderton. 


Members of staff in Year 3:


  • Mrs Lebeter
  • Mrs Lee
  • Mrs Harrison
  • Mrs Reynolds (Teaching Assistant)
  • Mrs Sheldon (Teaching Assistant)
  • Mr Partridge (Teaching Assistant)
  • Ms Edwards (Teaching Assistant)


  • Mrs Hopkins
  • Miss Cowan (Teaching Assistant)



Computing - Children in Need

We have been exploring the Children in Need website in our computing lessons.  We looked at how to copy a link to one of the pages, on our own website.  Let's see if it has worked!



If you would like to find out more, visit the brilliant BBC site and explore: 


Our topics this year are:-

                                               AUTUMN TERM

Where would you choose to live - Ancient Egypt or Ancient Greece?

A history focus this term studying two ancient civilisations. We will be looking at important geographical and historical features of the period/place as well as what life would have been like for the Ancient Egyptians and comparing this to the life of the Ancient Greeks.  We will be making some jewellery and art inspired by the Egyptians, and listening to World music and having a Greek day. The homework projects will be to research Ancient Egyptian Gods and then later in the term to create a game based on your knowledge of the Ancient Greek culture.


MUSIC have a look at our current music topic here:


Image result for ancient greece




Can you feel the force?

This topic is based on the science focus of forces and magnets and a geographical focus on the Mediterranean including volcanoes. We will be reading 'The Iron Man' by Ted Hughes in our English lessons and writing weather reports. We will be finding out about the weather and climate in the Mediterranean and looking at map work and life in a Mediterranean country For the first homework project, we will asking you to create your very own robots!  Later in the term having researched volcanoes and Pompeii we would love to listen to a poem that you have written on the topic.


Image result for the iron man



Eat well, grow well and 'bee' happy!!

The focus of this work is science based. We will look at healthy, balanced diets; our skeleton and muscles. During the term, Year 3 will also be flexing their green fingers and growing some plants from seeds. We will also look at different parts of plants and flowers and do some creative floral art work. Our English work will be based around 'The Incredible Book Eating Boy' and creating a gardening magazine. We will end the term by making (and trying) our own healthy food. The homework for this topic will be to create a healthy recipe book and to create a miniature garden.

Image result for healthy eating___________________________________________________________________________


List of things to remember:

  • Tuck shop money - Please bring in a named purse or wallet!
  • Baking money - £1 per half term.
  • Named PE kit! (including trainers & warm clothes for outdoor work)
  • Swimming kit - Fernwood -every Thursday from September to February half term.
  •  Balderton swimming - February half term until July.
  • Homework -  Reading daily to an adult if possible                                            Read Theory - to improve comprehension skills                         Learning times tables (using Times Tables Rockstars)                Spellings (as appropriate)                                                                             A bigger project related to our topic each half term



Year 3 visit to Derbyshire

Year 3 children will be going on their two day visit to Derbyshire in June 2019. This will be the third time that the visit has taken place and everyone is really looking forward to it.

Fernwood Dates - Monday 10th June and Tuesday 11th June 2019

Balderton Dates - Tuesday 11th June and Wednesday 12th June 2019


Any questions or concerns then please speak to Mrs Hopkins, Mrs Lee or Mrs Lebeter.


Pre-Visit Information Evenings for Year 3 Derbyshire Visit

Balderton - Tuesday 20th November, 2018 


Fernwood - Wednesday 21st November, 2018 - 6.30pm


Come along with your child and find out more information and ask any questions you may have about the visit.

Y3 Residential 2018

Y3 Residential 2018 1
Y3 Residential 2018 2
Y3 Residential 2018 3
Y3 Residential 2018 4
Y3 Residential 2018 5
Y3 Residential 2018 6

Some of our favourite websites about Ancient Greece


Which is your favourite?

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