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Year 5

Welcome to Year 5!

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In Year Five we will be looking at lots of interesting topics and we're looking forward to learning and investigating together.

The teachers in Year Five are Mrs Barnard, Mr Hodgson, Mrs Allan and Mr Winter. We have Mrs Cross and Mrs Bowes working with us too.


English: To kick start our year, we will be looking at the wonderful work of Roald Dahl. Focusing on his use of descriptive language and his brilliant imagination, we will be trying to emulate his talent in our own work, as well as writing biographies.


Guided reading will be whole class, shared reading. We will continue to focus on skills of inference, deduction and the authors use of language for effect. Please continue to read regularly at home, feel free to write in your new home/school diary – it’s not just for adults, we enjoy reading your comments and finding out about your reading preferences too!


Maths: We follow the Year 5 curriculum, focusing on a set of key performance indicators decided upon as a school. We continue to emphasise the importance of knowing our multiplication tables and associated facts. 


Topic: During terms 1 and 2 we will be learning about Space. We will be thinking about why the moon doesn't float off into space and then looking into how a rocket blasts off. 


In term 3 we will be studying the Vikings; where they came from, where they settled and how they lived. 


Term 4 is the highlight of the year as this is when we visit Cloughton and experience a residential trip. In school we'll be using maps to locate Cloughton, thinking about the wildlife in that area and the habitats of various creatures. This links with our science work on Life Cycles.


Term 5 and 6 sees us learning about WW2 and immersing ourselves in History, thinking about 'What can a picture tell us?' and reflecting on sources of evidence. Get your evacuee costume ready!


French: Our focus for the first term will be ourselves and family. We will look at where we live and also how to give directions. 


P.E : We are currently doing gymnastics for our indoor P.E and football and tag rugby for our outdoor sessions. P.E is on Mondays (indoor) and Tuesday (outdoor). Please make sure you have both indoor and outdoor kits, check you have earrings covered/removed, hair bobbles if needed and a named water bottle in class.


I.C.T: We will be looking at e-safety, physical computing and computational thinking.


Design Technology: When we study the Vikings we will be making helmets in school and for our Space topic we will be asking you to make a rocket at home, which we will launch at school! For our baking sessions you will need to bring £1 each half term, to pay for ingredients. Or if you would prefer, you can pay £6 for the year.  


R.E: We are looking at how the Earth was created - The Big Bang theory and how different religions explain how everything began.

We will be learning about several different religious festivals including Diwali and Eid.

Whilst learning about WW2 at the end of the year we will be focusing on Judaism and their mistreatment during the war.


Music: Whilst learning about Space we will listen to Holst's The Planets Suite and consider the mood of each planet.

We will be composing some music that will show the journey of a rocket going into space.

Our WW2 theme will enable us to explore the music of that era and study the Big Band style.