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Year 1

Welcome to Year 1

Balderton Site :Mrs Adwick, Mrs Pope, Mrs Good, Miss Bentley, Louisa and Kelly

Fernwood Site : Miss Pope, Mrs Sheldon 


         Spring Term              


What toy would you like to invent?

We will be learning all about toys this half term. The children have been busy finding out about old and new toys. We have borrowed a special toy box from the museum to look at a variety of toys. In English we will be looking at Traction Man, Toy story, Kippers Toybox and non-fiction books. In history we will be looking at how toys have changed. In Science we will be experimenting with toys that float and sink. In D.T and Art we are going to be making a moving toy.

( Thank you for all the boxes that you have been sending in!)

Excitingly we have a visit from Warburtons where we will be learning all about food hygiene.





Who is Julia Donaldson? 


Second half of the spring term we will look at the author Julia Donaldson and explore lots of books she has written.  One of our favourites being 'The Gruffalo'.We will be making our own Gruffalo Crumble, learning about health and safety when cooking. 



                                              Autumn Term 


Autumn 1 Who am I and where do I belong?  


This half term in Year 1 we are learning about ourselves this helps us to begin the year with an opportunity to find out all about who we are, what we are like, how are bodies work and how to get on with our friends.


In English we love to share lots of new books and stories. These include Ourselves and Body books as well of different versions of the Three Little Pigs.

Follow a link to play a game


This term we celebrate Harvest Festival and walk to St Giles church to give gifts. 

Autumn 2 What do birthdays, bonfires and bakers have in common?

Bonfire Night and the Great Fire of London Topics are colourful and exciting and we enjoy making some fantastic artwork. In History we will be learning lots of facts about The Great Fire of London. 

In English we will be reading lots of different traditional tales including The Enormous Turnip, The Gingerbread Man and Cinderella. This half term in English we will be retelling tales using expression and we will perform one of our stories to Foundation. 



Christmas is magical in Year 1.  Decorations, cards, calenders and parties are all part of the fun.


Maths Games

We have been learning lots of new skills in maths and there are lots of games your child can play to help them with this.

We have also been learning about money and time so any practice they can do at home would be great.



In Year 1 we are having a big focus on handwriting. 

Our aim is for all children to form all their letters correctly, sit their letters on the line and make sure the letters are the correct size. If you can do any practice at home to support your child with this. This could be painting, drawing in the sand, using chalks, etc.

This is how we would like the children to form their lette​rs:


Our k is slightly different as we do loop our k like this k

Tricky Words to learn

APPS, websites and games to help learn tricky words and phonics

​                                                                 Summer Term

There is a rumble in the jungle what could it be?


A super topic term all about animals, what they look like, how they move, where they live and create our own fact files.


Through the summer term we will use the following music to inspire our work:

“Air” and “Water Music” by Handel, 

The Carnival of the Animals,

“Scene by a brook” “Play of the waves” Fantasia on British Sea Songs”

“Somewhere beyond the sea”, “Oh I do like to be beside the seaside”, “Song of the boats” 

Tongue twisters “She sells seashells”

Make rain-sticks and shakers to create seaside sounds, listen to shells



Do you like to be beside the seaside? 

The Rainbow Fish, The Lighthouse Keepers Picnic, some of the stories we will use whilst looking at the coast around us.    Looking under the water and what lives there.    We might even, if were lucky, have a trip to the beach!!!!

Our new learning challenge question for Summer 1st is....

 There is a rumble in the jungle what could it be?


Our work will include...

  • Reading a Rumble in the Jungle, Giraffes can't Dance, Selfish Crocodile as well as many non-fictions book about animals.
  • We will be finding out lots of interesting facts.
  • In art we will be making animal masks.
  • Naming and sorting animals.
  • We will also look at pets and how to look after them


 Phonics is very important and we are having a big focus in Year 1. We are busy learning lots and lots of new words. There are some useful power points that you could look at with your child to help them learn lots of new words.