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This week we would like you to think, and write, about where you live and where it is in the country of Great Britain.


Have a look at the "Where are we information" below. There is a lot of information so you will probably want to split it up over a few days. Each day we would like you to write a few sentences about what you have learnt. We would like you to think carefully about -


  • Using your beautiful neat handwriting.
  • Remembering to use capital letters and full stops.
  • Have a go at using some "conjunctions" for example - and, when, if, that or because.
  • Try to use different "Openers" for each of your sentences, for example, I found it interesting that...   Did you know that...?  Fernwood is... It is a fact that...
  • See if you can use some geographical words, for example, suburb, village, south, north, landmark, population.


You can choose how you would like to present it!!


We look forward to reading your factual pieces of writing!


We have also added an activity for those of you who may like a little more support with your writing.

When we were in school you all got really good at up-levelling sentences!  Have a go at improving and extending these boring sentences to make them much more interesting to read!!


  • Fernwood is a good place to live.
  • We live on planet Earth.
  • Great Britain is an island.
  • Newark is a town.
  • Chuter Ede is a school.
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