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Week 6 6.7.20

Each week we will be running a poll- just for fun!...a 'would you rather' question.

Last week's question was: 


"Would you rather be able to change colour to camouflage yourself or grow 5 meters taller and shrink back down whenever you wanted?"

The winner of the poll was: change colour to camouflage.  A clear winner this week!

The best supporting answer was because I can hide easier and people would not be able to see me.  We wonder if you would like to just watch what's going on... a little bit like being under an invisibility cape?  

This week’s question is.......

In a fantasy land, would you rather explore a magical cave or venture through a portal and transport to another place?


Send us an email and let us know supporting your thoughts with at least one reason.

This week we are still exploring wildlife in the rain forest.


If you are joining us for English, we are taking a look at a rhyming story about a rhino called Ronald.  Javan rhinos are a species of rhino that are found living in the rain forests.


In Topic, we are looking at fact files and simple non-fiction texts about rain forest wildlife.  We focus first on the black bird found in the canopy with a giant, colourful beak......that's right...Toucan.

Why not challenge yourself to this fun and interactive slide show quiz about animals in the rain forest as a great way to start this week? 
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