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Pupil Premium

Pupil Premium Chuter Ede 2021-2022

Pupil Premium at Chuter Ede 2020-2021

Please read the information below which gives details of Pupil Premium.

Pupil Premium at Chuter Ede 2016-17

Pupil Premium Money 2015/16- Total Allocation £62,400


Activity/ Project/ Initiative


SIP Priority or focus


  1. Extra teacher support for boosters etc in y2, 3, 4, 6

£200 x 39 weeks

£7, 800


£400 for 15 weeks



£400 for 4 weeks £1600

Maths, reading and writing.

Supporting vulnerable groups

Raising pupil achievement


2. IPads to support learning needs


Support for vulnerable groups

Children to become more motivated so will raise children’s confidence and standards

3. Communication INSET day- Specifically looking at how we can develop communication skills in order to develop writing skills further ( weak area for some PP children)


To cover costs of trainers and to pay for part time staff attendance

To gain a whole school understanding of behaviours and why they may occur.  To deal more effectively with different behaviours.

To raise standards in writing

Staff to have a greater understanding of how to deal with behaviours, particularly those that maybe linked to vulnerable children. A consistent approach to be used.

To raise standards in literacy.

4. SBAP- Behaviour planning



To raise behaviour standards and children’s self esteem.

5. Interventions and resources-


TA assistant time and resources to equip these interventions across both sites

Maths/ reading/ writing/Phonics/ Vulnerable groups

Achieve consistency with interventions across both sites.

Raise standards in reading, writing and maths-  pupil results.

To raise self confidence.

See Intervention sheets to monitor impact of intervention

6. After school clubs

£80 a week (8 TAS- 36 weeks a year)


Art club

Sports clubs three times a week

Film Club

To include all children in extra curriculum activities.

To build confidence and self esteem.

7. Funfit


3 x TAs 20 minutes a day 4 days a week, 30 weeks.

To develop motor skills and concentration

To raise standards in motor skills, confidence and concentration. 

8. Casy – Emotions Work


To support vulnerable children and their emotions

To develop self awareness and confidence with some vulnerable children.

9. Extended Services




Raises self esteem and gives greater confidence to children

10. Extra SEN time to coordinate


To support SEN and other vulnerable groups

Progress will be more closely monitored.  Intervention can be carefully planned, carried and monitored.  Impact will be greater

11. Speech and Language input


To raise standards of speech and literacy skills

Raise literacy attainment.

Children have a greater understanding of language.

12. Emotional intervention groups

£370 – Balderton

£370- Fernwod

Behaviour and emotions of vulnerable groups.

Raise self esteem of pupils

13. TA training


To raise standards and CPD

Raising pupil, results and self confidence and self esteem.

14. TA support in classes to target vulnerable children- year 2 Fernwood and year 3 Balderton are specifically targeted


All curriculum areas

Pupil results, Raise on line,

15. Assistance with the cost of school visits and residential



Financial contribution for vulnerable families.

Ensure extra support is available on trips if needed for some vulnerable children. 

Ensure all vulnerable children can access all aspects of the curriculum.

17.  Lunchtime sports provision – sports coach to provide some lunchtime activities

30 minutes for 5 x a week

£25 x 39


To support vulnerable groups.

To ensure vulnerable children have an enjoyable playtime and to support social skills etc

18.  Transition work- Paying for the new class teacher to come across for our transition week (4 mornings)


To support a looked after child’s transition

To ensure that a looked after child has a smooth transition

Chuter Ede School Pupil Premium 2014-15 Total Allocation £49,200




Cost £


SIP Priority or focus




1. Sports Coach- After School Clubs

£10.00 x 10 hs x 36 wks

£ 3,600

Support for vulnerable groups

Raising pupil results.

2. Additional teacher support- booster work

£200 x 36 weeks


Maths/ Reading/writing/vulnerable groups

Raising Pupil results

3. Teaching Assistant




All curriculum areas


SEE Raise online

Pupil results

4. ICT


Purchase of new iPads and laptops to support children

Raising pupil results

5. Managing Emotions

£10 x 2hr x 36 weeks


English (Reading, writing) and ICT

Raises self esteem of children

6.Extended Services Co-ordinator



Raises self esteem and gives greater confidence to children.

7  T.A. Training


Reading Standards

Consistent approach to teaching of phonics. Increase Y1 phonics test score

8. CASY Counselling


Raising Standards

Raises self esteem and gives greater confidence to children

9. Outdoor Classroom


Positive learning environment to address some pupils additional needs and to enhance their learning.

Raises self esteem and gives greater confidence to children

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