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Year 5

Welcome to Year 5!

The above link gives information sent home before school returned 


Welcome to Year 5

The teachers in Year Five are


 Balderton site

 Mr Hodgson (supported by Mrs Cross)


Mrs Lee (supported by Kelly)


Fernwood site

Mrs Brewer (Supported by Mrs Wilson)


Some of the information here is from prior 2020.

It has been kept on as a reference for parents. If anything is confusing please email your child's teacher.






Y5 Teachers and TA's

We have lots of very exciting topics to cover in Y5!

Autumn term

We start by learning all about Harry Potter! 

and move on to learning about invasions from the Anglo-Saxons and Vikings

For your home learning project, you need to make an item to bring to our viking feast.


Spring term 

We learn about where we are in the world and where we visit on our visit to Whitby.

Where in the world is...?


Summer term 

We learn about how WW2 affected peoples lives

We learn about the events leading up to the war, evacuation and visit the National Holocaust Centre and learn about the treatment of the Jewish community in Europe and Anne Frank's diary.



Make sure to keep logging in to TTRockstars and ReadTheory 

Increase your coins and KPs for a special mention in spotlight assembly and an exclusive Y5 TTRockstars sticker and the coveted place on your class' guitar.

Top performing readers on ReadTheory get to have their faces in our library camper van at Balderton site!


Any problems with logging in at home please come and see your teacher.

Other useful things to remember

  • PE kits are to be worn on Tuesdays and children can stay in their kits all day.
  • Maths and English homework - Maths and English homework will be set alternate weeks with a clear hand in date. - Usually this will be hand-out on a Friday for hand-in on a Wednesday 
  • Topic home learning projectThis project is topic based, in the past they have included a pop bottle rocket and a Viking artefact.  We will ensure the date is written on the homework as to when this needs to be handed in.

The following information is from 2019/2020 school year.

It has been left online for your reference.

Any questions, please email 


This year, Y5 will be visiting Boggle Hole.

Please make sure you have paid your deposit.


Boggle Hole 2020

We are looking forward to our upcoming residentials to YHA Boggle Hole in Yorkshire! 

Balderton site leave on Tues 25th February

Fernwood site leave on Tues 3rd March.

The Monday before we leave we will have a day based on our topic and the upcoming visit, including map work and coastal erosion research.


Whilst we are away we will be visiting Whitby, walking between Goathland and Grosmont, visiting Bempton Cliffs nature reserve and having a play on Robin Hood's Bay beach (weather permitting!)


During the parents information meeting we shared some important information about the activities, the curriculum links, the location and what is and isn't allow. A lot of this information can be found in the leaflet your child should have take home.


Please note that electronic items and mobile phones are not allowed. 

See the kit list if you're unsure what to bring. A good pair of sturdy boots are essential. We have some pairs in school kindly donated by previous parents.

If you are concerned, please come in and ask before we go!


If there are any changes to your child's medication before we go please do let us know to the designated First Aider for your trip. (Mrs Cross and Mrs Bentley)


We will plan to keep the webpage updated with information before the visit and with direct links to the secure dropbox for photos on our return, so please keep checking!


YEAR 5 Team x

Reading In Year 5


In Y5, instead of the traditional guided reading sessions, we use a whole class approach to reading. We have 3 x 40 minute sessions a week where staff will listen to as many children read as possible, asking questions to deepen their understanding and further their learning. However, at this stage in their education, many children are able to read and decode new words, so there is less emphasis on hearing them read out loud as regularly and more emphasis on comprehension skills.

Please be assured however, those children who do still need this support will be heard daily/regularly as appropriate. 


You may notice that comments will not be recorded in the reading journals as often as previous years (unless your child still has 1:1 sessions). The skills and text we have covered in the week are noted in the reading section on your child’s homework sheet.


Please continue to comment when your child has read at home, as this is incredibly useful to help us understand where your child may need support.  Also please initial their Reading Challenge chart. If children have read independently we are keen for them to record this themselves in their journal, along with any comments about the story, predictions, thoughts etc. When a book is finished, we would like the children to choose an activity from the list and complete this in their journal.

If you have any questions regarding your child’s reading please do not hesitate to come in and speak to one of us, or jot a note in their journal.

What will we be studying?


Stop before you start.
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Year 5 Holocaust Trip - Wednesday 19th May 2021