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Welcome Year 2's to the final topic conversation of the term and the year. 

This week is mostly a 'chatting' week  - to discuss your reactions and thoughts to the photos on the slide show. 


There are a few weblinks to have a look at...especially the video clip about the orangutan from the story. 


We really hope that you have enjoyed learning about the rain forest and the wildlife within. 

Sadly, the rain forests are in real threat. sad  The photos share some of the threats to the rain forest and the animals living there.  

How do you feel about the photograph slide show and the story about the orangutan?


There is a reading comprehension about Palm Oil.  There are 3 levels (layouts) of reading and questions for you to choose between.

There is a wordsearch from the book/video which you might like to do.

Would you like to design a poster to share on the Home Learning page to raise awareness of one of the risks to the rain forest?

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