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English Week 3 Non-Fiction

This week we are learning all about non-fiction information about African animals.
Can you have a go at reading this information about Tigers and then testing yourself afterwards with a quiz?
Here are some clues about animals and some pictures to match with the right clue.
Now why don't you have a go at writing some clues about an African animal? See if you can read them to someone in your family. Can they guess your animal?
Is there an African animal that you would like to find out about? What would you like to know that you don't already?
Use these fact files to find out information about your animal. You could also use the internet or any non-fiction books that you have smiley Why not get some highlighters and post its. Highlight important information and write some little post it notes with super facts on.

Now that you have found out lots of information about your animal, could you have a go at making an amazing fact file about it?


What to include

- What it eats

- Where it lives 

- What it looks like

- Amazing fact 

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