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Happy Summer 


Thank you for all of your continued support and I hope you have enjoyed the home learning! It is time for a well deserved break over the holidays smiley It wasn't the end of year we had hoped for but it has been a pleasure having you all in Foundation and we wish you all the best in Year 1!


We hope you all have a wonderful summer and we look forward to hearing about your new adventures in Year 1!


Take care!

The Foundation Team 





20/7/20- In our last week we will be continuing to look at minibeasts and focusing on bees. We will be looking at the life cycle of a bee and why bees are so important. 

In maths we will be revisiting addition and subtraction and looking at our daily routines.


We have also added an 'All About Me' booklet for you to complete for your Year 1 teacher. You can write all about you, what you like to do, your memories of this year and wishes for year 1.

Complete the 'All About Me' booklet, take photos  and send them to us via our email address. We will forward them on to your next class teacher smiley


Don't forget to share your work with us-


Take care,

The Foundation Team smiley



W/b 13/7/20

We have uploaded more activities on our 'minibeasts page' including sorting minibeasts, writing about your favourite/least favourite minibeast, more minibeast/summer crafts and activities related to ladybirds.

We will be reading The Bad Tempered Ladybird and What the Ladybird Heard. Don't worry if you do not have these books, there are links to the stories read online. 

We will be revisiting teen numbers and moving onto learning number bonds to 10. 

Please choose which activities you would like to do, if you would like to share anything with us please email us:

Take care,

The Foundation Team

W/b 6.7.20

We have loved learning about minibeasts this week. We are going to continue exploring different minibeasts and more of Eric Carle's wonderful stories. We are going to be reading 'The Very Busy Spider' (links to this story are on our Topic page), and learning more about spiders.

You will find all our minibeast home learning activities on our Topic page under 'Minibeasts' and we will continue to add to this page over the next few weeks.

We have added a range of craft and nature ideas which we will be completing in school over the next few weeks so you can complete them at home too :) We would love to see some of your creations!

In maths we are going to be exploring teen numbers and representing them in different ways.

Have a look at the home learning activities and pick which ones you would like to do. Use our home learning email address to share your home learning with us!


We look forward to hearing from you,

The foundation team smiley

W/b 29/6/20

Our new home learning for this week is on the Topic page.

This week we are going to be reading 'The Very Hungry Caterpillar' by Eric Carle and looking at the life cycle of butterflies. There are lots of minibeasts activities and crafts.

There are also maths activities related to half as well as odd and even numbers.

Please take a look and choose the activities you would like to do. If you would like to show us what you have been up to then please email us. We would love to see!

Take care,

The Foundation Team smiley


W/b 22.6.20


You will find new home learning on the Topic page for our Summer topic. This week we will be looking at staying safe in the sun and water safety.

You can also access the Twinkl Home Learning Hub by the link below, where they are providing parents with daily resources.

If you have used Oxford Owl ebook and are looking for more books to read then please use the link below to Collins Big Cat ebooks.


Don't forget to email us anything you would like to show us on


Take care,

The Foundation Team :)

W/B 15/6/20- Hello smiley

You will find the home learning for this week on the 'Topic' Page in 'Summer.'

Twinkl have now finished their free subscription but they are providing home learning through their Home Learning Hub, The link to it can be found below.

If you would like to share anything with us, email eyfshl@chuterede.notts.sch,uk.

Take care,

The Foundation Team

W/b 8.6.20- Hello, this week we are going to start our new topic ‘Summer.’ Hopefully the sun will come back soon but there are lots of activities for both inside and outside which can be found on our ‘Topic’ Page.


This week the week-long Puffin Festival of Big Dreams begins! Puffin are celebrating their 80th birthday, they are holding 20 minute live sessions at 10:30am and 3:30pm where they will demonstrate crafts and the kit can be downloaded with additional resources from the link below.


If you’d like to show us anything you’ve been up to, email us-


Take care

The foundation team 😊


Summer 2

Hello, we hope you have enjoyed the sunshine over the half term.

We will be putting many activities on here that we will be doing in school but also lots of other ideas so please choose which activities you would like to do. We are going to continue with 'Jack and the Beanstalk' for the first week of Summer 2 for us to explore and learn about castles.

We recommend continuing to use the free phonics lessons and maths lessons or games, the links can be found below.

This can be found on the Topic page. Please continue to email us to show us what you have been up to-

Take care,

Foundation Team smiley

17/5/20- Hello smiley we hope you have enjoyed some sunshine this weekend.

It's a great time to be outdoors either playing, gardening or going for a walk/bike ride. We have continued to add to our plants page with life cycle activities and information, fruit and vegetable sorting and nature art including drawing the other half of a flower. This is also a great opportunity to talk about the maths concepts 'half' and 'double' and learn how to work it out using natural objects or objects from your house to share fairly or double by adding the same amount again.

It is also important to think about how we can look after our environment- we have added some recycling activities, clips and games. You can write lists about items you have recycled at home or put in the rubbish bin, talk about how recycling happens and why as well as how you recycle in your own home (inc. different coloured bins). There is a nice Twinkl story about looking after our environment called 'The Messy Magpie' which we have uploaded with activities related to it (more can be found on Twinkl's website).


We are also continuing to add on our other pages and still recommend using the daily lessons if you would like to. On our 'Social stories and links to help support your children at home' page we have added some links,activities and stories to help with your child's emotions and well-being at home and as we begin to think about the possibility schools reopening.

Further resources can be found on the school's ELSA page:


Thank you and take care!

The Foundation Team

11.5.20- Hello, it was lovely to speak to all our Foundation Families again smiley

We have updated the 'Jack and the Beanstalk' Topic resources, on the Week 3 page you will find lots of resources, links, ideas, link to a free audio book, gardening tips and activities.

There are lots of fun and practical ideas as well as templates for keeping a written diary. We will continue with 'plants' for the next two weeks and will add more resources next week.


We have had good reviews from the phonics daily lessons so please continue with these or try them out if you haven't yet (link can be found below) and there are also the free daily White Rose Maths lessons too.

We have also added a link to BBC Bitesize Early Years where you can find lots of activities, video clips, games and daily lessons, including Numberblocks and Alphablocks.


Take care,

The Foundation Team 

3.5.20- Hello all :) We have added more activities under week 2 in the 'Jack and the Beanstalk' tab on our 'Topic' page. We added a variety of activities linked to the characters, creative writing, maths and investigations- please choose which ones you would like to do.

We have also added more resources to our 'Mathematics' page and 'Internet Safety' page as well as others so please take a look.


I have also put two links below recommended by a couple of parents that they have found useful at home:

  1. The Maths Factor created by Carol Vorderman- great for learning and revisiting maths concepts and skills. You are currently able to register and access resources for free.
  2. Draw with Rob- step-by-step videos to follow and draw alongside Rob Biddulph. I have even had a go- great fun!


Thank you

The Foundation team smiley

26.4.20- Hello all, we have loved speaking to all our Foundation families this week, it was so lovely to hear from you all and it has been lovely to see some more emails coming through ( We love to see what you have been up to!


We have added some Jack and the Beanstalk activities in our Topic tab, You can find them in the 'Jack and the Beanstalk tab under 'Week 1.' We are also continuing to add activities in the other tabs so please keep looking.


Daily Phonics lessons for 12 weeks!!!

Starting Monday 27th April, there will be daily phonics video lessons which are funded by the DfE and follow Letters and Sounds for the next 12 weeks

Foundation sessions are at 10am and blending sessions at 11am. These will continue to support your child with their reading and phonics whilst at home. The link to this can be found below.


Take care,

Foundation teachers smiley

Keep smiling!

Still image for this video


What a strange start to a term it will be for us all! We hope you have all stayed safe and well in the last few weeks and enjoyed time with your families and in the sunshine. 

For the start of this term, we have some new Home Learning tasks for you.) as well as all the links to the ongoing provision.

The whole school will be thinking about the 75th Anniversary of the VE Day celebrations which marked the end of World War 2 and there are lots of ideas for activities you can do to find out more about this.

We will also be exploring 'Jack and the Beanstalk'  this term which can be found in the 'Topic' star tab. The vocabulary for the new topic is uploaded and we will begin to update these weekly with new activities soon. Please also continue to look in the other star tabs such as 'Phonics' and 'Maths' as there are good activities to keep revisiting to consolidate their learning.

Also there is an image and link below to the White Rose Maths Website- they have teamed up with BBC Bitesize and created 12 weeks worth of lessons for the Summer Term (some of the year 1 resources on BBC Bitesize will be useful too).

Remember to contact us through the home learning email addresses - we would love to hear from you, to see what you've been up to or just to say 'hi'!

From all the Foundation Teachers

White Rose Daily Maths Lessons-

At the beginning of each week we learn the 'Sign of the Week' in school. These will be shared each week if you would like to continue learning them smiley

Hello Chuter Ede

Still image for this video


Hello everyone,

Hope you are all doing OK! We're coming to the end of term - it's strange not to have a last assembly but hopefully some of you have been making your families 'SMILE' instead of the teachers?! You may want a break from some of your school work, so why not have a go at the Easter SMILE Challenge? There are lots of ideas to keep you occupied and we'd love to hear about them or see photos and videos of you having a go at them, either on our Facebook page or through the home learning email addresses.

Easter SMILE Challenge

Easter Message to Foundation 😊

Just a little message to wish you all a Happy Easter...

On this page, you will find information about how to keep your children busy and access to home learning resources if they are not able to attend school in the coming weeks. It will be updated as new ideas and links are discovered so please keep an eye out.


There will be lots of resources and links for speaking, reading, writing and maths put on here but also creative and fun ideas as the children learn lots through play and exploration. Some of the educational websites are offering free membership for home learning during school closures, and links will be put on here as they become available. You also can access eBooks on Oxford Owl to continue with your reading but also read your own books at home and enjoy listening to stories with your adults and/or siblings.


For those unable to see the chicks hatching or those who would like to see it again, we have put a video on the website and a link to this on Facebook! 


If you would like to get in contact with us, our Foundation email address is:


We would love to hear from you and see what you have been getting up to! smiley


Free resources links:

2.4.20- Good Morning! Glad to see the sun is shining again yes

Check out lots of new fun phonics ideas under 'Phonics fun' in the Phonics tab to help with letter sounds, blending and segmenting.

Why not go outside and make some shadow puppets?

1.4.20- Good Morning, happy 1st of the month!

We will be adding lots more STEM activities to the Home Learning Page. STEM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths. In school we are keen to promote interest in STEM-related activities and improving their problem solving skills. These activities are about having fun and becoming an innovative thinker whilst introducing them to future STEM possibilities. 

How to Grow a Rainbow (from @mrsbpristem on Instagram and Twitter if you want to find more activities) I had great fun trying it this morning :)

31.3.20- Good Morning! If you're looking for something to do today why not check out the free White Rose Maths Lessons- or do some potato printing? Take care smiley

30.3.20- Happy Monday :)

We have added lots more new home learning resources :) 

  • A new sign of the week video from Kate. The sign of the week this week is 'horse'
  • A new folder called 'Easter' folder under the 'Topic' section with a variety of Easter activities
  • Reading books- in the 'Literacy' folder there is a selection of 'Reading Mini Books' organised by Phases. These are a selection of short stories the children can read at home.
  • There are more phonics resources in 'Phonics' and a 'Funky Phonics booklet'- it includes all phases but we go up to Phase 3/4 in Foundation
  • New maths resources
  • We have put lots of images of practical ideas for mathematics and phonics- we will continue to add to these

Please select and use the resources and ideas that are appropriate- we have included a variety of practical ideas, downloadable resources and ideas that could be recorded on paper.

Thank you!

Foundation Staff smiley


smiley Enjoy that sunshine with some colouring pencils and your imagination, how about having a go at our foundation colouring page? Can you spot your favourite book and movie characters?
29.03.20 - Happy Weekend.  Twinkle has now created a Home Learning Hub, it is a brilliant site for ideas and resources.  Take a look   It's been lovely hearing from you, keep your messages coming, we miss you all.

27.3.20- Happy Friday!! The sun is still shining smiley

If you are looking for something fun to do today, why not visit Chester Zoo from your own home?

Here is a message from Chester Zoo on their Facebook page:


As you can't come to the zoo right now, we’ll bring the zoo to you!
Join us LIVE on our Facebook page from 10am when we'll be throwing open our 'virtual gates.'
So, break up the boredom of being at home and, for the first time ever, enjoy a whole day of animal antics, live from your sofa! 🙌

We'll be featuring many of your favourites...
10:00 👉 Red pandas 🐼
11:00 👉 Rothschild's giraffes 🦒
12:00 👉 Asian elephants 🐘
13:00 👉 Butterflies 🦋
14:00 👉 Sun bears 🐻
14:30 👉 Sumatran tigers 🐅
14:45 👉 Humboldt penguins 🐧
16:00 👉 Aquarium* 🐠

Come and join the fun. The animals are waiting...
(*Running order may be subject to ever so slight changes... and there may be more surprises throughout the day!)

26.3.30 - We have loved looking at pictures of your home learning and seeing lots of you enjoying the wonderful sunshine! We have received some emails and seen posts on the Chuter Ede Facebook page.

Don't forget that you can email Miss Pope, Miss Whiles and Miss Woodcock at We would love to hear more about what you have all been doing! 

Take care smiley


Please take the opportunity of this offer, take a look at the site and what it can offer.  

As the Coronavirus spreads, we’re aware that more schools are closing and pupils’ learning is being disrupted. Parents, carers and teachers are looking for ways to ensure the continuity of education during school closures so that no children miss out on valuable learning time.

To support you during this period, Twinkl is offering  a One Month Ultimate Membership, totally free of charge to every parent and carer so pupils can still have access to high-quality learning during any periods of disruption.

Setting this up is really easy to do - go to and enter the code UKTWINKLHELPS

Please also share this code with other parents. We’ve also put together some helpful guidance to outline a few ideas for support  during school closures, to ensure high quality learning continues.

For all those budding explores and wildlife enthusiasts check out the links below for Edinburgh Zoo and have a look at their live animal webcams and YouTube videos to start a discussion about the animals in our world ! smiley



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