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Week 6 6.7.20

This week we are learning all about arrays and doubling.

Monday -

Watch this video. After you have watched it could you have a go at making some arrays with objects in your house? You could use lego, pencils, pieces of pasta. Have a go at making arrays in lines of 2, 5 and 10. Then count in these steps to see how many you have altogether!

Tuesday - have a little look at the powerpoint. It explains how to write a repeated addition calculation to match an array. Using some pictures of arrays below, could you have a go at writing a repeated addition calculation to match?
Wednesday - have a go at some of the activities below smiley
Thursday - Doubling!

Do you have some dominoes at home? Could you have a go at finding the dominoes that have the same spots on each side? What is the total of both sides? 

Choose an amount of something you have a lot of (pasta, lego, building bricks). Now double it!

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