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British Values

British Values at Chuter Ede


At Chuter Ede, the fundamental British Values of Democracy, Rule of Law, Individual Liberty, Mutual Respect and Tolerance for Those with Different Faiths and Beliefs are woven through the culture and curriculum of our school. Through the curriculum, our children develop skills and attitudes that allow them to positively participate and contribute to life in modern Britain and the wider world.



  • We pride ourselves on a culture where children are listened to. ‘Chat Club’ provides an informal setting for representatives from each year group to share their/ their peers’ views and opinions on school life.
  • Every child in the school has the opportunity to complete a school survey twice a year to ensure that everyone’s voice is heard.
  • Topics covered include clubs, how to improve the school and wellbeing. 
  • The Entwine PSHE curriculum provides specific lessons, taught through texts, which look at respecting others with different viewpoints.


The Rule of Law 

  • The founding principle that rules allow us to contribute positively to society is embedded into our ethos: We are Caring, Honest, Understanding, Tolerant, Enthusiastic, Respectful, Excited, Determined, Everything we want to be; We are CHUTER EDE.
  •  We have visits from the Police and Fire Service to engage children in the rules of wider society. 
  • Our curriculum develops children’s understanding of how laws impact upon society.
  • In Year 6, children learn how laws have been changed and influenced through history, and take part in a trial at The National Justice Museum.


Individual Liberty 

  • We provide a safe and empowering environment for children to make informed choices.
  • We provide additional clubs for children to explore their sense of self, develop confidence and self-esteem.
  • Our Entwine PSHE curriculum uses texts to develop children’s understanding of key concepts, such as the importance of self respect, their rights, responsibilities and personal freedoms (including e-Safety) and emotional development.


Mutual Respect and Tolerance of Different Faiths and Beliefs

  • All children know our school motto: Valuing Everyone and Aiming for Our Best
  • We feel strongly that all children should have the opportunity to see themselves represented through text. This is reflected in our Equality Objectives and English/Reading Spine. 
  • We promote the ethos of tolerance and respect through our RE, PSHE and assembly curriculums.
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