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Who's Who

Come and find out who works at our school!

School Leadership Team
Mrs B Hunter - Head Teacher

​Mrs R Revill - Head of School - Fernwood

Mrs J Mitchell - Foundation Lead

Miss S Pope - Foundation Lead

Mrs H Adwick - KS1 Lead

Miss A Fell - Years 3 & 4 Lead - Balderton

Mrs L Follen - Years 5 & 6 Lead - Balderton 

Mrs A Wilson - Years 3, 4, 5 & 6 Lead - Fernwood

Mrs R Barnard - SENCo

Mrs L Allen - Assistant SENCo


Mrs H Allan

Mrs E Atkinson

Miss H Bakin 

Mrs H Brewer

Mrs D Briggs-Price
Mrs N Good
Mrs J Goodwin

Mrs R Harrison
Mr D Hodgson
Mrs C Hopkins

Mrs A Lebeter
Mrs G Lee

Mrs S MacNish

Mrs K Owen
Mrs E Page

Mrs R Palethorpe

Mrs B Pennick
Mrs L Pope

Mrs A Sheldon

Miss S Whiles

Miss E Woodcock

Teaching Assistants
Mrs E Adcock

Mr D Adwick

Miss J Amos
Mrs D Bentley

Miss H Bentley

Mrs N Binns

Miss S Bloomfield

Mrs K Bowes

Mrs B Buckley

Mrs N Chamberlain
Mrs J Clark

Miss G Cowan
Mrs C Cross

Miss E Dodd
Mrs K Driver
Miss R Duff

Miss K Edwards

Mrs N Edkins

Mrs A Johnson

Mr C Law

Mrs S Marchant

Mrs S Morley

Mrs M Munslow

Mrs L Munton
Miss L Nesbitt

Mrs V Parker

Mr T Partridge
Mrs S Rastall

Mrs L Redgate
Mrs E Reynolds

Mr L Reynolds

Mr L Riley

Mrs Z Robson

Mrs T Sparks

Mrs R Thorn 
Mrs E Thorpe
Mrs E Watson

Mrs D Wilson

Office/Admin Team
Mrs J. Ford

Mrs H. Harper
Mrs T. Lee
Miss T. Spurr

Premises and Cleaning Staff
Mr R Poole

Mrs L Richards
Mrs S Anderson
Mrs D Banks
Mrs A Gaddas

Mrs L Oughton

Mrs N Quincey
Mrs T Sparks
Mrs L Wilkinson

Kitchen Staff and Midday Supervisors
Mrs H Lam

Mrs M Matthews
Mrs M Moody

Mrs H Thorpe

Mrs M Hunt
Mrs S Anderson

Mrs A Gaddas

Mrs N Quincey
Mrs L Richards
Mrs T Sparks

Mrs J Bruce

Mrs L West

Mrs H Cooper

Mrs D Beeching

Mrs S Morley

Miss J Walters

Mrs Z Robson

Mrs T Tims



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