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Summer Term


Eat well, grow well and 'bee' happy!!

The focus of this work is science based. We will look at healthy, balanced diets; our skeleton and muscles. During the term, Year 3 will also be flexing their green fingers and growing some plants from seeds. We will  look at different parts of plants and flowers and do some creative floral art work as well as photostories on the computer showing how to grow a bean plant..


Our English work will be based around non fiction writing about plants then The Incredible Book Eating Boy  by Oliver Jeffers.  We will be reading Stig of the Dump in Guided Reading.


The homework for this topic will be to create a miniature garden in the first half term.  You created some amazing gardens! Photos will be coming soon on the Gallery page.  


In the second half term, your homework will be to reuse a piece of everyday rubbish, turning it into something new and useful! This project will need to be in school by Monday 8th July 2019.  

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Last day in school before Half Term is Friday 15th October. Back to School on Monday 1st November 2021. Thank you