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This week we would like you to explore and learn about collecting data and presenting it in a useful way.

We will be using Tally Charts, Pictograms and Bar Charts


First there is an explanation of how to use Tally Charts and Bar Charts – the information is about Space!

Then you can have a go at collecting information about favourite Rainforest animals. You can ask people in your house and other family and friends you may talk to.

Here are some data collection activities about different topics – there are different levels of work, so choose which one you think is most appropriate for you. Some of the activities are for you to practise answering questions about data.

Lastly, you may want to have a go at designing your own data collection activity. You can choose whatever topic you like!! It could be linked to our chocolate topic, the Rainforest, where we live or anything that you are interested in!!  We look forward to seeing what information you have collected and how you have chosen to present it.


Here are some images of some other ways you may want to collect data!


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