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Week 4 Bitesize

This week for English why not have a go at some of the bitesize lessons? We've picked out some of our favourites for you. laugh

Monday - a phonics and Geography recap. Brush up on your phonics skills and see if you can remember what we learnt about the countries in the United Kingdom with this lesson.. 


Tuesday - Do you remember Rex the Retriever, one of our helpful guided reading dogs? This lesson is all about retrieving information from a book like we do with Rex the Retriever..


Wednesday - How is your handwriting looking? I bet it's looking fab! Why not have a bit of a practise today at 'long ladder' letters. 


Thursday - Can you remember what a nouns and conjunctions are? That's right! Naming words and joining words. This is a fun lesson all about minibeasts, nouns and conjunctions...


Friday - This lesson is all about describing words. Do you remember the posh name - adjectives! Do you still have your bean that you took home? How is it looking? We hope it's getting nice and tall. This lesson includes a section where you can use your imagination to come up with some ideas about a magical plant. Maybe your bean could help you with this..



BBC bitesize have lots of fun games for you to explore. We really like the phonics lessons - see if you can have a go at revising all of our digraphs and trigraphs..
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