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Week 5 29.6.20

Each week we will be running a poll- just for fun!...a 'would you rather' question.

Last week's question was: 

"Would you rather be able to see things that are far away, like binoculars or be able to see things very close up, like a microscope?"

The winner of the poll was: It was a draw!!!

The best supporting answers were

Binoculars - "I would choose binoculars, because then I could see my friends that are a long way away! I'm missing my friends"  

Microscope - "...because scientists study germs and viruses using it."

This week’s question is.......

"Would you rather be able to change colour to camouflage yourself or grow 5 meters taller and shrink back down whenever you wanted?"

Send us an email and let us know supporting your thoughts with at least one reason.

We know that plenty of learning opportunities have been added over the past few weeks, so as promised, this week we are sharing just 2 slide shows for chatting about.  You might consider what it could be like to live in the rainforest and compare it to your own lifestyle.  

Please find some new Maths, Maths Gym and a little Spelling too in the usual places.

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