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Week 7 13.7.20

Each week we will be running a poll- just for fun!...a 'would you rather' question.

Last week's question was: 

In a fantasy land, would you rather explore a magical cave or venture through a portal and transport to another place?

The winner of the poll was: Using a Portal

The best supporting answers were


"I would rather transport to another place because then I can explore places that I have not ever seen  like New York And places like cities, countries and desserts."  

"I would rather transport to another place then I could go somewhere at night when mummy and daddy are asleep. I could take my brother and sister with me. I would go to Elliott and Jude's theatre." 

"My answer to the question is I would rather go into a portal because I like discovering new places and I want to see what's in the future."

This week’s question is.......

"Would you rather live in the Rain Forest or at home?"


Send us an email and let us know supporting your thoughts with at least one reason.

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