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Year 2

Hello everyone! Please go to the 'KS1 Home Learning' page (on the 'class pages' screen) to find lots of fab activities to do while you are at home...

Welcome to Year 2!


The Teachers in Year 2 2019-20 are:

Balderton site - Mrs Good and Mrs Palethorpe with Rachel, Emma and Mrs Watson

Mrs Page with Mrs Redgate.


Fernwood site - Mrs Pennick and Mrs Briggs-Price with Miss Bakin, Mrs Sparks and Mrs Munton.


Our learning challenge question for Autumn term is...

What's for tea under the sea?


Our work will include:

* ...exploring food chains.

* ...making a variety of beautiful art work including painting and printing.

* … sewing a sea-creature finger puppet.

* … learning about the life and inventions of Jacques Cousteau.

* ...finding out about all kinds of creatures that live in the seas and oceans- exploring this as a habitat.

* ... locating the oceans and seas around the world.

* ...visiting the deep.

* ...comparing habitats.

* ...reading a mixture of fiction and non-fiction texts set in the oceans.






Our Learning challenge question for Spring 1  is  'Which dinosaur would you like as a pet?'

Our work will include:

* ... exploring food chains.

*… making a page for a moving/pop-up information book.

*...identifying and classifying dinosaurs.

*… exploring exciting writing inspired by these fabulous texts...




Our learning challenge question for Spring 2 is 'What do Neil Armstrong and Peggy Whitson have in common?



Our work will include ...

*... exploring how to keep an astronaut healthy- what do humans need to survive?

* ...learning about the lives of significant people from history.

*… finding out about significant events in history

*… planting, growing and observing bulbs and seeds.

*… a STEM project inspired by space, exploring air pressure.

* … lots of measuring and work on time.

*… learning space-themed songs and creating music to go with them.

*… portrait drawing.

*… writing inspired by these amazing texts...






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