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Speech and Language



New Language Leads for Chuter Ede School


Kate Driver for Balderton and Nicola Edkins for Fernwood.


A Language Lead:

Promotes Speech, language and communication in the setting.

Has enhanced knowledge in relation to speech, Language and communication.

Advices staff, ensuring environments are as communication-supporting as possible. Ensures robust systems are in place for tracking children’s language.

Supports the identification of speech, language and communication needs.

Works with parents to help them to support their children’s speech, language and communication.

Keeps an overview of staff training in relation to Speech, Language and Communication and feeds back up to date information.

Liaises with other agencies in relation to Speech, Language and Communication eg Children’s Centres, Healthy Family Teams and Speech and Language Therapists.


For further information, please visit the Language For Life website at:


If you have any concerns relating to your child’s Speech, Language or Communication or would like any advice or resources, please either speak to your child’s class teacher, Kate or Nicola.

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